Akai Releases New MPC Live Mk II


Akai caused a big stir with its MPC Live—an integrated sequencer, sampler, and controller that you could take with you, so you could program beats and compose music without needing a computer. The company has gone even further with the MPC Live Mk II, now available at B&H.

Akai Professional MPC Live II Standalone Music Production Center with Built-In Monitors and CV/Gate I/O
Akai Professional MPC Live II

The MPC Live Mk II offers built-in monitors, so you don't even need headphones if you wish to be free of them. This is the first MPC with live monitoring built right into the device, and Akai was sure to spend time on the design. It's a dual tweeter-woofer system that plays your music back in stereo and allows you to hear every detail of your creation, from bone-thumping bass drops to the highest highs of digital risers.

The MPC Live Mk II offers all the same things you've come to expect from an MPC experience—easy sequencing, sample slicing, and a panoply of effects. Now, it also offers full Wi-Fi integration, as well as Bluetooth, CV/Gate outputs, and MIDI-Multi capability.

MIDI-Multi capability lets you connect, route, and control all the MIDI gear in your studio; anything from a class-compliant USB keyboard controllers to more complicated MIDI/CV modules can be matrixed through the MPC Live II. So, in addition to a mobile instrument with built-in monitoring, the MPC Live Mk II is also designed to be the MIDI brain behind the whole operation of your studio setup.

The device also comes pre-mapped to Ableton Live, so you can perform with the MPC Live Mk II instantly. Launch clips, work the mixer, and execute macro operations wirelessly over Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet connection using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. Either way, you'll be able to manipulate a powerful DAW with a powerful controller. Make use of 16GB of Micro SD Storage, or outfit the MPC Live Mk II with a SATA drive to soup up the onboard memory capability. The choice is yours.

If any of this piques your fancy, do check out the MPC Live Mk II at our website.