3 New Novation Firmware Updates: See if Your Unit Applies!


Novation has released firmware updates for several of its key products, and we’d like to tell you about it. First, the company issued a firmware update for its Peak polyphonic synthesizer. You’ll find 43 new wave tables, two more freely assignable modulators, a new Mod Matrix design that puts Sources and Destination on the same page, new envelope features, and more.

Novation Peak 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

Owners of the Bass Station II will be delighted by the v.2.5 firmware upgrade, because it provides paraphonic capabilities not offered before. You can now control the pitch for each oscillator independently within the single-voice architecture of the instrument and play two notes at a time, creating complex interactions when tweaking Ring or Filter Mod. Also provided in this update: filter tracking, a feature often requested by the fans.

Novation Bass Station II Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Finally, the firmware update to the Circuit gives users the ability to free themselves from quantization and record “off the grid.” Capture synths and drum tracks not by beat and bar, but by microsteps, which allow you to reproduce your most rhythmically creative phrases in all their click-flee glory. You can edit synths at the microstep level, as well. Per-note velocity tracking and assignable MIDI channels have also been added, making the Circuit ever more versatile.

Novation Circuit Groove Box + Sample Import

If these changes pique your fancy, buy yourself one of the aforementioned items at our SuperStore, download the firmware upgrade, and you’re ready to rock (or EDM, or techno, or what have you.)