2 New Synths from Korg


Korg has some new goodies for you and, here at B&H, we’re proud to announce them. Today, we welcome the Nu:tekt NTS-1 and the KROSS 88 MB Synthesizer workstation. One is an easy-to-assemble DIY synthesizer kit, while the other provides everything from keyboard sounds to sampling to sequences in an 88-key keyboard.

Have you ever wanted to put together a fine bit of synth kit, but found yourself scared of the assembly, the soldering, the sheer tech wizardry involved? If so, the Nu:tekt NTS-1 will fill your needs and satisfy your curious spirit. And when it’s built, it provides a powerful synth and multi-effects engine, with a ribbon keyboard, three LFOs, three stereo FX processors (including reverb), and a whole lot more.

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Kit DIY Programmable Synthesizer

Its digital oscillator can give you triangle, sawtooth, square, and VPM, waves, or can load custom oscillators from Korg’s Logue SDK, making it compatible with content fashioned for the prologue and minilogue xd. Multiple filters are on hand, as is an arpeggiator with multiple scales and note orders—including a Random mode.

Since this is a DIY kit, it’s highly customizable and, when you’re finished building it, you can creatively implement it in a wide variety of gear setups. A free bundle of music software comes with the kit, including Ozone Elements from iZotope and Reason Lite from Propellerhead Software.

The KROSS 88 MB, on the other hand, is the new 88-key model of the KROSS 2 synthesizer, offered here in a super matte-black finish. The unit gives you 88 weighted keys with a realistic feel: the lower keys even feel heavier than the higher ones, just like a real piano!


This durable keyboard also unleashes an array of presets—more than 1,000 in total. These sounds have been bolstered by additional PCM with 128 programs such as piano and electric piano. With 27 drum track patterns, you can trigger the rhythmic basis of any on-the-fly production with ease.

If either of these pique your fancy, well, you know very well to find them: at our SuperStore, or online. If you go for one, the other—or both—come on back here and share your thoughts in the Comments section.