Portrait Photography with Jerry Ghionis


In need of some tips to improve your portrait photography knowledge and skill set? Then look no further: introducing our portrait photography tutorial series with portrait photographer, filmmaker, and Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis! Watch and learn as Ghionis tells us about his portrait photography gear, shows us a few different portrait photo-shoot styles, and so much more. Are you ready to get into portrait photography? Check out the five-part series below to get started. 

Why Take Portraits?

What’s so special about portrait photography? Let Ghionis explain. In Part 1 of our Portrait Photography Series, Ghionis talks about the importance of taking portraits with a purpose. You can hear some key tips on how to get started, how to commit to your idea, and why to take portraits at all.


Portrait Photography Gear

Not sure what equipment is best for you when it comes to portrait photography? Then join Ghionis in Part 2 of our Portrait Photography Series for a rundown of his portrait photography gear. Ghionis tells us about the camera bodies, lenses, speedlights, and more that he uses and recommends so you can get started on shooting your own portraits. As a bonus, you even get a tour of his studio.


Portrait Composition, Lighting, and Creativity: Photoshoot Demo

Natural, editorial, dramatic, and glam—what’s the difference and how can you achieve these looks in your own portrait photography? In Part 3 of our Portrait Photography Series, Ghionis takes us back to his photography studio, where he demonstrates these four distinct portrait photoshoot styles. He provides a behind-the-scenes look at his natural and continuous lighting techniques, as well as directing and posing tips. For an extra dose of inspiration, Ghionis also covers how he gets creative with his portrait photography composition.

How to Deliver & Sell Your Portraits to Clients

Now that we've finished the photoshoot, Jerry Ghionis will show you his workflow for reviewing and delivering portraits to your client. You'll learn how to utilize the album designer software Fundy Designer in order to sell your photos.


Behind the Scenes

Ready to learn more about portrait photography? Then keep an eye out for Part 5, the final video of our Portrait Photography Series, which will be released on June 7th, right here on the B&H Photo Video YouTube Channel!



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