The Business of Freelance Photography, with Todd Bigelow: The B&H Photography Podcast


This week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast provides a lesson we all can use: how to be better businesspeople while we are being better photographers. Much of this advice comes from our intriguing guest, photographer and educator Todd Bigelow.

A longtime pro, Bigelow has freelanced for the likes of Sports Illustrated and The Los Angeles Times, among many other editorial and commercial clients, and he is a contributing photographer to the prestigious agency Contact Press Images. He is also the founder of the Business of Photography Workshop, an adjunct professor of photography and photojournalism, and the author of The Freelance Photographer's Guide to Success: Business Essentials, which is the basis for our conversation today.

With Bigelow, we discuss growing a client base, the ratio of time and labor between the business and the craft of photography, and how to let your archive work for you. We also talk about negotiating rates, contracts, and handling copyright infringements. Bigelow uses many examples from his own career to highlight his points, and Allan adds some examples of his own.

Join us for this enjoyable, motivating, and helpful conversation about photography business essentials.

Guest: Todd Bigelow

Photograph © Todd Bigelow

Oklahoma State Trooper Charlie Hanger © Todd Bigelow/ Contact Press Images
Jordin Tootoo grew up in a small village along the Hudson Bay only a hundred miles from the Arctic Circle. The first Inuit to play in the National Hockey League, Tootoo spends his off-season at home, where he fishes and hunts for Caribou, seal, and Beluga whale. Living off the land is necessary for residents of the small village. © Todd Bigelow/ Contact Press Images
Immigrants rights advocates protest anti-immigrant policies, which include ICE raids and proposed bans on Muslim immigrants entering the country. © Todd Bigelow/Contact Press Images
Undocumented migrants climb the border fence along U.S.-Mexico border. © Todd Bigelow/Contact Press Images
A group of bike riders make their way down Hollywood Boulevard. © Todd Bigelow/Contact Press Images
New citizen of the United States of America © Todd Bigelow/Contact Press Images
Young Muay Thai students at the Way of No Way martial arts academy. © Todd Bigelow/Contact Press Images
Book Cover, The Freelance Photographer’s Guide to Success: Business Essentials. Courtesy Routledge Press

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Shawn C Steiner

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