The 2021 Year in Review and Mick Rock Encore


The B&H Photography Podcast team sends a huge end-of-the-year thank you to our listeners around the world and to the many guests who joined us for our weekly conversations. There’s little need to overstate the difficulties of the past year, but we’re all still here, still taking pictures, and we’re still making this podcast week in, week out. It truly has been a gratifying and unflappable pleasure to produce this show and, hopefully, it continues to provide some insight, some inspiration, and a few good stories.

Despite the adjustments of remote recording, or perhaps because of them, we expanded our circle of photography to include conversations on photomicrography, on the fine art nude, on skate photography, and on photo “how-to” books. We spoke with artists and economists about NFTs, discussed protest photography and issues of community and migration. We had episodes about food and wedding photography, bird photography, the freelance business, and, as always, we did our gear episodes, including the seventh annual Cameras of the Year episode. I encourage you to take a look back at the wide range of subjects we discussed this year and let us know your favorite episodes, as well as topics you’d like us to take on in the new year.

Finally, and although this episode is not from 2021, we end this year with an encore presentation of our conversation with rock-n-roll photographer Mick Rock. Sadly, we lost Mick in November, but we’re pleased to present this chat, which was recorded at his home, in Staten Island, and is certainly one of our all-time favorite episodes. Thank you, Mick, and thank you again to our listeners. Happy New Year.

Photograph courtesy of the Collection of Bill Shapiro

From the episode, “Staying Power—History and Photography, with Barbara Mensch” Photograph © Barbara Mensch
From the episode, “Food Photography and Still Life” Photograph © Emma Ressel
From the episode, “Connection and Purpose - The Photography of Cheriss May” Photograph © Cheriss May
From the episode, “Waltz with Fate—Photographer Misan Harriman” Photograph © Misan Harriman
From the episode, “Beautiful Exemptions - The Work of Mona Kuhn” Photograph © Mona Kuhn
From the episode, “My Client Was Democracy - Photographing City Halls” Photograph © Arthur Drooker
From the episode, “Light Hunters – Art About the Street” Photograph © Clarissa Bonet
From the episode, “We Are Our Stuff – Sally Davies’ Portraits of New Yorkers” Photograph © Sally Davies
From the episode, “Planes, Trains, and Perspective” Photograph © David Rothenberg
From the episode, “Fly-Fishing and Outdoor Photography” Photograph © Jess McGlothlin
From the episode, “Sometimes It Takes Time – The Photography of Meryl Meisler” Photograph © Meryl Meisler
From the episode, “On-Set and Film Still Photography” Photograph © Barry Wetcher
From the episode, “Astrophotography, with Dr. Robert Gendler” Photograph © Robert Gendler
From the episode, “Vernacular Photography, with Peter J. Cohen and Bill Shapiro” Photograph Courtesy of the collection of Bill Shapiro


Thank you Jason, John, and Allan for another year of content, advice, and insight. Misan Harriman remains one of my favorite episodes from this year or previous years. What a voice, what a mind, and what an eye he has! Your field trip to the rose garden had some uneven pacing, but I think there is real potential to that format for a self-guided photography workshop, and I hope you'll do another one. And I hope you'll bring back Llinelva De Castro once in a while. There was a moment in that episode where she pointed out that Nikon now charges 35 bucks per language to get additional menu languages installed on on a camera. I'm not sure that development would have been on the radar of the regular crew, and I'm glad she had a microphone for that particular critique.
My latest B&H purchase, an M42 adapter, just hit my mailbox, so I'll close out 2021 taking pictures with a 1971 Takumar 300mm f4. Happy New Year, and keep up the good work.

Artie...  thank you so much for this comment and the valuable feedback.  I could not agree more about Llinelva and we will certainly ask her back.  Happy to hear that you'll be shooting with an old lens and look forward to seeing some images.  Thank you for listening to the show and again for such a wonderful note, it really is comments like these that make it all worthwhile.  Happy new year !