Sapna Reddy and Matt Kloskowski - Creative Vision and Technical Mastery: The B&H Photography Podcast


Sapna Reddy and Matt Kloskowski have more in common than colorful photos of birds in nature and soothing landscapes. In this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we investigate how their respective work lives have fueled the technical mastery that allows their creative vision to flourish. We spoke with them both as part of our continuing coverage of B&H’s 2022 OPTIC Conference.

Above photograph © Matt Kloskowski

We begin the show with Dr. Sapna Reddy, who balances a rigorous medical career in radiology with the creative freedom of time spent outdoors, capturing scenic landscapes. Reddy’s medical work is limited to a strict analysis of grayscale image data, yet her colorful landscapes provide a healing influence from the world of hospitals. Listen in to learn how she follows the light based on what nature delivers—choosing extreme wide-angle lenses for scenes with powerful foregrounds that draw the viewer’s eye and using longer focal length lenses for compositions that isolate elements. Reddy also tells of mastering the technical to allow the aesthetic to step in, a process she freely shares with students during awe-inspiring photography workshops in destinations both near and far.

Art of Healing
Soft Stillness
Spirit of Yosemite
Spring in Yosemite
Twilight Therapy
Winter Glow
Sapna Reddy

After a break, we shift the conversation to Sony Artisan Matt Kloskowski, whose passion for bird photography is central to his motto of “Embrace the Chaos.” During our chat, Kloskowski emphasizes how technical knowledge of one’s gear can minimize barriers between the eye and the subject. Along with an honest assessment about absorbing failure and challenging success rates, Kloskowski describes how the blazing frame rate of his Sony A1 and its bird eye autofocus help him achieve razor sharp bird pictures. Widely known as an Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, onOne type of guy, Kloskowski also fills us in on the massive collection of online courses, YouTube tutorials, and Lightroom presets that fuels his career as a photo educator, and takes up 99 percent of his time and effort.

Bald Eagle Catching Fish
Bald Eagles Fighting
Barred Owl
Great Egret Preening
Reddish Egret
Reddish Egret Catching Fish
Scarlet Macaw
Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkeys in Costa Rica
Matt Kloskowski

Please join us for these insightful conversations about photographing birds, wildlife, and scenic landscapes, and balancing the creative with the technical until your process becomes innate.

Guests: Sapna Reddy and Matt Kloskowski

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: Jill Waterman
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Shawn C Steiner