Podcast: The Year in Review—Our Favorite Episodes of 2020


For our final episode of 2020, we look back at the year that was—and what a year it was. We learned new remote recording skills and virtual conversation styles, but the B&H Photography Podcast never missed a beat; we recorded an episode the very first week of quarantine and have continued recording throughout this unprecedented time. Many aspects of this production were made significantly more difficult by being “all remote,” but it did allow us to speak with photographers around the world and those who could never have made it into our humble but homey studio.

On this week’s episode, we run down the list of episodes we recorded this year, which included conversations with legends of sports photography, of fine art photography, of photo education, and even with a supermodel and with a television celebrity. Of course, we also talked about the latest camera releases and the “best” cameras of 2020. Allan, Jason, and I each relate our favorite episodes from the year and mention some of the episodes that were best received by our listeners. And because this year we had many conversations about photography books, we also mention a few of our favorite books from 2020.

Join us for this casual recounting of podcasts from a year no one will soon forget.

Photograph © Karles Vives, winner of the 2020 B&H Photography Podcast Leica Challenge

Allan Weitz, Adriane Ohanesian, and Nancy Borowick, 2020 © John Harris
Allan Weitz and Sebastian Meyer, 2020 © John Harris
Allan Weitz, Joseph Holmes, and Sara Bennett, 2020 © John Harris
Allan Weitz and Shari Belafonte, 2020 © John Harris
Clyde Butcher and John Harris, 2020 © Niki Butcher


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves