Podcast: The Ninja—Concert Photography, with Christie Goodwin


Live event and concert photography have, obviously, been drastically impacted by the global pandemic and related shutdowns. Let’s give a shout-out to all the photographers, musicians, technicians, and crew who have struggled with the loss of that part of their income and craft, but also make time on the B&H Photography Podcast to talk about concert photography as we inch toward a hopeful return to live music and art performances.

Today’s guest is Christie Goodwin, a premier concert and music photographer. She has been the tour photographer for the likes of Taylor Swift and Usher and has shot in venues around the world. She is also the house photographer for the famed Royal Albert Hall, in London. Her work is impeccable, and a quick glance at her website features some of the most recognized faces in contemporary music today.

With Goodwin we speak on a range of topics, including her goals as a concert photographer based on the needs of the artist, the management team, the venue, or the fans. We also talk about life on tour, the trust necessary to work with musicians, shooting techniques learned from experience, and how she lets a concert “speak to her” as she decides her photographic approach. We also talk briefly about her Canon DSLR cameras and lenses, and about her side hustle, creating conceptual images for book covers, and how this primarily mirrorless endeavor is the yin to her concert photography yang. Join us for this insightful and practical conversation.

Guest: Christie Goodwin

Photograph © Christie Goodwin

Celine Dion, Hyde Park, London, 2019 © Christie Goodwin
Dream Theater, Wembley Arena, London, 2014 © Christie Goodwin
Iggy Pop, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2016 © Christie Goodwin
Marillion, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2017 © Christie Goodwin
James Taylor backstage at Royal Albert Hall, London, 2014 © Christie Goodwin
Sting backstage at Royal Albert Hall, London, 2015 © Christie Goodwin
Photograph © Christie Goodwin
Photograph © Christie Goodwin
Photograph © Christie Goodwin

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves