Podcast: The Markers of Our Bliss—Lynn Goldsmith and Rock ’n’ Roll


With her latest book, KISS: 1977-1980, just released, legendary rock ’n’ roll photographer Lynn Goldsmith joins us to talk about her time with this extraordinary band and what drew her to photograph and befriend them. In addition to the stories behind some of her iconic photos of Van Halen, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, and Prince, we also speak with Goldsmith about her other creative outlets. Did you know that she released an album under the name Will Powers, was co-manager of the band Grand Funk Railroad and photographed for the National Lampoon?

Throughout her career, Goldsmith has demonstrated an ability to photograph musicians in a manner that embodies not only their personalities, but even their music and, as is the case with her new book, with an understanding of what the band’s fans want to see. We ask her about changes in music publicity over the years and the varying approaches she might take when shooting in-studio, at a live concert, or with an artist in a more casual setting. We also chat about other aspects of her photographic work and what her music and celebrity portraiture shares with her documentary and fine art work. The magic of photography and the joy of creativity burn bright in Lynn Goldsmith, so join us for this enjoyable and insightful conversation.

Guest: Lynn Goldsmith

Photographs © Lynn Goldsmith

Gene Simmons of KISS
Lynn Goldsmith photographing Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons on the Madison Avenue bus, New York City
Gene Simmons, New York City
Paul Stanley of KISS
Gene Simmons and Lynn Goldsmith
Lynn Goldsmith with Gene Simmons and their book, KISS: 1977-1980
Roger Daltrey of The Who, 1978
Bob Dylan, 1976
Frank Zappa from the “Sheik Yerbouti” photo session, 1979
Van Halen, 1982
Prince, 1981
Portrait of Prince, 1981, and same used photo in print by Andy Warhol
from the series, “The Looking Glass”
from the series, “The Looking Glass”
Lynn Goldsmith applies makeup in preparation for a photograph from the series, “The Looking Glass”
Allan Weitz, Lynn Goldsmith, and Jason Tables; photograph by John Harris


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


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