Podcast: Photography Resolutions for 2019


As a companion to last week’s end-of-year review episode, and as a way of kicking off the new year, we will discuss our own photographic new year’s resolutions and gear wish lists on today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast.

As our most ardent listeners know, Allan, Jason, and I have wildly different photographic styles and our gear bags reflect those styles. We will start by talking about the photo-related goals that we each have for the coming year. Perhaps inspired by some of the guests we have had on the show this year, or our “What is Photography?” project, I have a couple of long-delayed projects to which I'd like to return, Jason is looking to continue his long-exposure work with urban cityscapes, and Allan is going to dig back into his film archive to digitize long-hidden gems. We will talk a bit about our current work and the techniques we want to improve this year and, after a short break, we will talk a bit about gear.

Going around the table, we will discuss what we are currently shooting with and what new (or used) gear we may purchase to help us achieve our new year’s goals. Allan will start by describing the “Franken-slide copier” that he built with a Micro-NIKKOR 55mm lens, a Bolt Macro Light, and his trusty Sony a7R II. Jason is looking to experiment with long telephoto lenses, such as the Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens and a new 3 Legged Thing tripod, and I want to get back to my street photography roots with a fixed-lens camera such as the Fujifilm X100F or one of the Ricoh GR series cameras.

While we do talk gear, this episode is mostly about our shared passions for photography and keeping creativity an important part of our 2019. What photography goals do you have for the coming year?


Allan Weitz's "Franken-slide Copier"
Beal's Island, Maine - 35mm slide image digitized by the "Franken-slide Copier" © Allan Weitz
Beal's Island, Maine - 35mm slide image digitized by the "Franken-slide Copier" © Allan Weitz

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Also interested in Allan's "Franken-slide Copier", thanks for the product links, but I don't see one for the end piece that holds the slide/negative, did that come with the bellows extension arm, or something sold separately? 

Hi Ken,

The PS-5 Slide Copy Attachment was an accessory for the PB-5 bellows. Same holds true for all of the PB-series bellows.

Used bellows (they don't make them any more) are often bundled with the copy attachment (mine was), but they are easy to find with or without them. If you buy them separately make sure the numbers match - a PS-6 copy attachment won't work with a PB-4 bellows, etc.

FYI the best Nikon bellows is the PB-4, which allows for swing and tilt movements.


I'm interested in Allan's "Franken-slide Copier" as to how it handles negatives and the conversion process. I've got more negatives than slides. I have a Canon 5D III. However, last month, I splurged and bought the Plustek 8200 film scanner; I also bought another pair of film carriers to speed up my workflow. I don't know how many rolls of film I have to scan. I've scanned 10 rolls so far from 1981.

Hey Ralph,

Long time, no hear from you! FYI my rig handles B&W negs just as well.

I haven't tried digitizing and color negs yet but my understanding is there are plug-ins that take the pain and suffering out of converting color negs to positive image files.

Go for it!