Podcast: Nothing is Impossible - Imagined Reality, with Erik Johansson


The B&H Photography Podcast wraps up 2019 expanding our minds, with the help of Swedish photographer Erik Johansson. Enabling his playful and slightly sinister imagination with a wealth of design and photographic talent, Johannsson makes images that toy with the veracity of a photo while using relatively basic photographic processes to create them. It is certainly worth viewing Johansson’s website or Instagram feed before (or while) listening to this episode to familiarize yourselves with the images we discuss and to gain a sense of his mastery of scale and narrative.

Combining landscape photography, staged scenes with actors, oversized props, and the best of digital collage, Johansson creates images that seem to emanate directly from his dreamy imagination, but are undoubtedly the product of much real-world work, and he kindly takes the time to explain his process and workflow to us. A woman emerges from a shopping mall escalator to find herself in a dark forest, a man pulls a lonely country road across a field like a bed sheet, a house is tossed as verdant farmland turns into a violent tidal wave. These scenes, along with many others (and some with a decidedly MC Escher feel), have us wondering, “how does he do it?”

Join us for our conversation with Johansson to find out the tools he uses (starting with his Hasselblad camera system) and the amount of time and production it takes to create each of these surrealistic vignettes.

As we celebrate our 200th episode, chime in on our Facebook group with your all-time favorite episode or let us know a subject you’d like us to cover in 2020. Thanks! And have a great New Year.

Guest: Erik Johansson

Above photograph © Erik Johansson

Above All, 2019 © Erik Johansson
Just Visiting, 2019 © Erik Johansson
Self-Supporting, 2017 © Erik Johansson
Lifetime, 2017 © Erik Johansson
Road Closed Unexpectedly, 2019 © Erik Johansson
Office Escape, 2019 © Erik Johansson
The Cover-Up, 2013 © Erik Johansson
Let’s Leave, 2013 © Erik Johansson
Daybreaker, 2018 © Erik Johansson
Demand & Supply, 2017 © Erik Johansson

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves