Podcast: Night Photography—From Film into Digital


When you get a chance to speak with an expert, you take advantage. At this year’s OPTIC 2017 Conference, when Lance Keimig and Chris Nicholson passed by our mobile studio, we did just that. Keimig is an author, instructor, and above all, a photographer who specializes in night photography. Well before digital technology made photographing the Milky Way an easy endeavor, Keimig was experimenting with film stock and developing processes to create long-exposure images. He is currently an instructor at National Parks at Night and along with Nicholson, offers workshops in night photography at many US National Parks.

On today’s episode, we speak with Keimig and Nicholson about the differences between creating night photography with film and with digital cameras. There are obviously many modes and functions on a digital camera that make night photography simpler, but at the heart of the enterprise, is the process the same? We ask this question and discuss techniques used with film and the advantages that accompany digital cameras. We also ask, “What is night photography?” and “What are the charms that keep these two photographers interested in this specific discipline?” Listen as Keimig provides insight into the history of night photography and Nicholson discusses his shooting methods and ideas on composition that he applies while working in national parks.

Guests: Lance Keimig and Chris Nicholson

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Film photograph, Lance Keimig
Film photograph, Lance Keimig
Film photograph, Lance Keimig
Film photograph, Lance Keimig
Film photograph, Lance Keimig
Digital photograph, Lance Keimig
Digital photograph, Lance Keimig
Blue Ridge Parkway, Chris Nicholson
Cape Cod National Seashore , Chris Nicholson
Death Valley National Park, Chris Nicholson
Joshua Tree National Park, Chris Nicholson
Mount Rainier National Park, Chris Nicholson
Olympic National Park, Chris Nicholson


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Great article!  I too started night photography in film and usually shot in populated areas.  These days, when I get the chance, I use digital to catch night scenes locally.  Sometimes we can get a story from a deserted street or "abandoned" looking store.  Thanks for sharing such an informative and fun piece.

All at once, was really my first time by doing Night Photography as always in where I use my New or/and Used Flash for both Film and Digital to focus very clearly before taking a picture a few or many times, indeed! I already took up DSLR Camera Basics Level 3, along with Christmas Lights, Shoot the Moon, Fireworks or/and sometimes Street Photography (DSLR Photography). I honesty love Night Photography because I get the hanging and the feeling of them all, like I still do Day Photography, as always and from now on indeed!!! I am blessed with Photography all the time, Day and Night!!!

Thank you for the feedback James.