Podcast: My Client Was Democracy - Photographing City Halls, with Arthur Drooker


Beginning with an iPhone and an “a-ha moment” in the beautiful San Francisco City Hall, photographer Arthur Drooker began a project that would last five years and take him across the United States to photograph the most impressive and interesting city halls in the nation. The project culminated with his wonderful book, City Hall: Masterpieces of American Civic Architecture, from Schiffer Publishing, and it brings him to the B&H Photography Podcast to discuss photographing architecture, civic pride, research and interviews, book publishing, zoom and tilt-shift lenses, and a host of other subjects related to his photography. Join us for this practical and insightful episode.

“To me, the best city halls are not just office buildings to administer services, they also use architecture and design to express something about civic pride, civic virtue, and democratic engagement.” —Arthur Drooker

Guest: Arthur Drooker

Photograph © Arthur Drooker

San Francisco City Hall rotunda © Arthur Drooker
Buffalo City Hall council chamber © Arthur Drooker
Cincinnati City Hall © Arthur Drooker
Philadelphia City Hall © Arthur Drooker
Detail of William Penn statue atop Philadelphia City Hall © Arthur Drooker
San Jose City Hall interior reflections © Arthur Drooker
“City Hall” book cover © Arthur Drooker
“American Ruins” book cover © Arthur Drooker
“Conventional Wisdom” book cover © Arthur Drooker
“Pie Town Revisited” book cover © Arthur Drooker

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Shawn C Steiner