Podcast: Kamoinge Collective and “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”


On this week’s B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome three members of the Kamoinge photography workshop and, through their collective eyes, we discuss African-American photography of the past sixty years and the role that Kamoinge has played in nurturing and presenting that photography. We also discuss the making of their current exhibition and the artists involved, called, “The Black Woman: Power and Grace,” which is at the National Arts Club through June 30, 2018.

To speak on Kamoinge and the exhibit, we have with us photographers Russell Frederick, Delphine Diallo and Jules Allen. Mr. Frederick is the current vice-president of the collective and provides some historical context and a sense of the mission of the group, which was formed in 1963. Mr. Allen discusses a few of the important figures in the group’s history, including Beuford Smith, Roy DeCarava, and Ming Smith; and Ms. Diallo reflects upon the appeal the workshop held for her when she arrived in Brooklyn, as well as thoughts on the obstacles women photographers still face in our industry. Each brings to the table a personal insight on the range of topics that come up during this humorous, provocative, and historically informative conversation.

Kamoinge has deep and significant roots, but it is ever-evolving, and the diverse work of Mr. Frederick, Ms. Diallo, and Mr. Allen is testimony to the wide range of photography that finds a home at Kamoinge. Join us for this lively episode and check out the “Power and Grace” exhibit, at the National Arts Club.

Guests: Delphine Diallo, Jules Allen, and Russell Frederick

From “womensofnewyork” © Delphine Diallo, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
From “Highness” © Delphine Diallo
From “Highness” © Delphine Diallo
From “Afropunk” © Delphine Diallo
"I got your back." Two best friends declare their friendship and loyalty to each other for life. Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, 2007. © Russell Frederick
"We celebrate you. Rest in power." A local marching band honors fallen hometown councilman James Davis. Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. © Russell Frederick
Mrs. Edwards stops for a portrait on Easter Sunday right before she heads to the bus. Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, 2009. © Russell Frederick
Havana, Cuba. © Jules Allen, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Betty Shabazz at the funeral for her husband, Malcom X. Harlem, N.Y., 1965. ©Adger Cowans, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Dionne Warwick, Maxine Waters, Johnette Besch-Cole, Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson, and another distinguished woman, 1993 © Eli Reed, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
“Contrast in Black and White.” New York, 1970. © Frank Stewart, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Graduates of Spelman College © John Pinderhughes, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Church ladies. New York, 2005 © Jamel Shabazz, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Dr. Deb Willis. © Terrence Jennings, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Untitled © Salimah Ali, included in “The Black Woman: Power and Grace”
Delphine Diallo looks at Roy DeCarava photographs. © John Harris
Jules Allen © John Harris
Russell Frederick, Delphine Diallo, Allen Weitz, Jules Allen © John Harris



Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves