Podcast: Do You Have G.A.S.?

My apologies for the personal question, but we all suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome in one form or another, and it’s good to talk about it, especially if it aids in recovery. With Gabe Biderman and Todd Vorenkamp, we will discuss camera cycles from the digital and analog eras, talk new technology and try to understand why there is so much camera stuff to buy nowadays. Who is to blame for G.A.S.? The camera manufacturers, the retailers, the blogs, China!? Or could it be that imaging technology has improved so much in the past few years to truly warrant this welcomed illness? Either way, our guests will commiserate with your suffering and even provide a few simple cures for what ails you. Join us for an enlightening and entertaining conversation.

Co-hosts: Todd Vorenkamp and John Harris

Guests: Gabriel Biderman

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Todd Vorenkamp (left) and Gabriel Biderman


Host: Allan Weitz
Producer: John Harris
Engineer: Jason Tables
Executive Producers: Bryan Formhals, Mark Zuppe


Good topic and discussion!