Podcast: Defining the Iconic Photograph


We run a little long on this episode, but when you have guests of this caliber, it’s well worth the extra time. Today we welcome the legendary Associated Press Photo Editor Hal Buell and Time LightBox Photo Editor Olivier Laurent. Bringing distinctive cultural and generational perspectives to the table, our two guests discuss the idea of an iconic photograph. We start with an attempt to define an iconic photo and, along the way, we talk about the editing process, war photography, mobile technology, photo manipulation, important photos from 2015 and many, many of the greatest photos ever taken. For working professionals, photo historians and anyone interested in how photography impacts our life, this is an episode for you.   

Guests: Hal Buell and Olivier Laurent

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Hal Buell and AP staffer Jim Palmer work with Leafax transmitter at the Atlanta Democratic National Political Convention in 1988. It was the first time digital scanning was used on a major news story.

Hal Buell edits film at the Los Angles 1984 Olympic games.

Hal Buell, far left, poses with other judges at a World Press Photo session in Amsterdam in the early 1960s.


Hal Buell, Allan Weitz, Olivier Laurent, and John Harris




Host: Allan Weitz
Producer: John Harris
Engineer: Jason Tables
Executive Producers: Bryan Formhals, Mark Zuppe


Another great podcast. Yes, iconic photographs were mentioned. I think that the Apollo astronauts used Hasselblad cameras which were square format, so it didn't matter if "Earthrise" was shot in portrait or landscape orientation, but y'all know that. Sadly, another iconic photograph was Challenger with the twin solid rocket boosters going in different directions

I didn't take note of all the iconic photographs mentioned, but Steve McCurry's "Afghan Girl" belongs; The photograph by Nick Ut of the Vietnam "Napalm Girl". The list is numerous. First footprint on the moon.

Thank you Ralph...really appreciate the feedback, please share the podcast with all your networks. Your point about the Challenger shot is s good one, a bookend in some ways to the celebratory shots of the "Earth Rise" and "Footprint" era...thanks again.