Podcast: Dance Photography with Lois Greenfield and Omar Z. Robles


Are dance and photography natural enemies? Well, of course not, but one art form is about the still, captured moment, and the other about choreographed movement and fluidity. However, anyone who truly understands photography knows the importance of timing, grace, and harmony, and a dancer must also recognize the relevance of rest and static. Sculpture, or gesture perhaps, is their common bond and our two guests know well the significance of gesture and the conflicting and compatible characteristics of dance and photography. They join us to talk about their distinct work and shooting styles. Lois Greenfield is one of the recognized masters of the craft, having developed a singular style sought by the world’s most renowned dance companies, and Omar Z Robles, an official Fujifilm X-Photographer, brings a fresh take, blending aspects of documentary and street photography. Enjoy this episode as we discuss improvisation, inspiration, dodging taxis and, of course, lighting systems and camera and lens choices.

Guests: Lois Greenfield and Omar Z. Robles


Photographs by © Lois Greenfield

Photographs by © Omar Z. Robles

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Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


I just came across B&H podcasts searching for anything on photographing dance. Disappointed when I could not link to the podcast from this page. Also checked iTunes index for the complete list of B&H podcasts, but it was not there either. Has it been pulled?

SelkiiD....Thanks for your interest in our program, i just checked the iTunes listing for the podcast and the "Dance" episode is there.  Check this link ....it is episode #22


It can also be heard on SoundCloud at the below link:


And on our blog:


If you still cannot link to it, feel free to be in touch and we will try to resolve the problem. This episode gives a lot of insight into the theory and practice of photographing dance.  [email protected]

Thanks again