Podcast: Cameras of the Year, 2016


Join us as we talk with two of our most regular and reliable guests about new cameras that were announced in 2016. We hesitate to use the phrase “best” cameras of the year because there a few cameras that we’re not all that crazy about, and a few we can only judge based on their announced specs, but there is plenty to talk about. Shawn Steiner and Levi Tenenbaum test and review cameras for the B&H Explora blog, and bring to this conversation not only extensive product knowledge, but a practical sense of which camera is right for specific photographers and applications. We discuss the new mirrorless medium format cameras announced by Fujifilm and Hasselblad, as well as several new DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, some the first from their respective manufacturers. We also mention a few favorite cameras sent in by listeners (see if you can tell which one we made up), talk industry trends and wrap up the show with a grab bag of favorite accessories.

Guests: Levi Tenenbaum and Shawn Steiner

Levi Tenenbaum, Shawn Steiner, Allan Weitz


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


I love pod-casts! I just listened to "Rescued Film. That pcast has gotten me pumped to open up my darkroom BEFORE summer break!

Kay....that is great to hear!....both that you love the podcasts and you're going to get into the darkroom. Enjoy and thanks for listening. 

Pentax K-1?
The astrophotography capabilities makes it interesting for me to rent. I've photographed the International Space Station on my Canon A-1 (TMAX 100, tripod mounted) and the Space Shuttle after undocking from the Space Station (C-41, hand-held bracing myself against my van; not great with the motion blur) heading to the sunrise. I've photographed the night sky using my A-1.

Alan on Mamiya 6 & 7: the 645 and RZ67 are my bucket list cameras to buy.

Canon 5D IV:
If I hadn't bought the III 3 years ago from B&H, the IV would be the camera I'd buy. My wife and I visited a friend during Memorial Day weekend 2016 and he noticed I have the Mk III. He asked if he should upgrade his Mk II to Mk III. I don't know the specs for the Mk II, but it was rumored that the Mk III would be upgraded. I suggested that he hold off on upgrading to the Mk III for the IV and suggested B&H. There's been some negative comments about the changes from III to IV, but I view the changes as incremental improvements; where as others were looking for a revolutionary new camera for video.

Canon M5:
I1'm interested in getting this for my wife to replace her point and shoots. It does have benefits with the adapter that she could use my EF lenses.



I have to ask you one question - what lens did you use to shoot the space shuttle separating from the ISS?