Podcast: Best Gear at Mid-Year


As summer rolls around, it’s a good time to assess the best of the new products that have been announced thus far in 2016. With two of our most respected product specialists (and straight-up gear heads) we will discuss the most interesting cameras, lenses, and accessories to be introduced in 2016—some aren’t even on the shelves yet. Cameras from Sigma, Pentax, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Olympus are considered, and we also touch on new cameras from Leica, Impossible, and Hasselblad. Lenses from these manufacturers, as well as Voigtlander, Tamron, and Lensbaby are highlighted, as is gear from Broncolor, Nissin, and Tether Tools. Enjoy this very informative episode with insight from our in-house experts.

Guests: Zev Slotkin and Levi Tenenbaum


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Levi Tenenbaum, Allan Weitz, and Zev Slotkin (left to right)


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Always wanted to buy a Pentax. Mainly because of the awesome weather proof body, but wanted it to be a full frame. As the video revealed they waited too long. The smaller A7's are lighter and smaller, and with a lot of people just using cellphone cameras bif seems so prehistoric nowadays. Hopefully thyey can miniturize quickly. If not they'd better shoot to compete with stuff like the 5D. If they can and they keep thye price in the lower area it's a win win. 

Thanks for the comment Rodrian and for listening to the podcast. You point is well taken, but the Pentax still offers the weatherproof durability that you mentioned and that is something that can be invaluable if that is the type of shooting you do.  Thanks again!