Gear Podcast: Are Point-and-Shoot Cameras Still a Thing?

With the proliferation and improvement of cellphone cameras, even the idea of a stand-alone point-and-shoot camera is becoming obsolete. Or is it? Despite the inarguable decline in sales of the traditional point-and-shoot digital camera and its decreasing number on store shelves and in jacket pockets, there are still cameras defined as “point-and-shoot” that are solid sellers, and those that offer high-end features. As Allan Weitz points out on this episode, almost all cameras can be set to a “point-and-shoot” mode, but the compact digital cameras that made up the bulk of camera sales five years ago are now struggling to find a place in the market and the trend seems to be that they are diversifying their feature sets and finding niches in which to remain viable. For example, “tough” waterproof cameras and long zoom “bridge” cameras are selling well, and large sensor point-and-shoots like the Fujifilm X100F and the Sony RX100 series, are very popular.

On today’s podcast, we welcome B&H expert and host of Lens Therapy Live on Instagram, Chris Williams, to the studio to talk about point-and-shoot cameras. We discuss which models are still selling and why, which features are appearing and which disappearing and the photographers to whom these features appeal. In the second half of the show, we go over exemplary cameras from each of the point-and-shoot categories and speculate on the future of this beloved camera type.

Guest: Chris Williams

Allan Weitz and Christopher Williams


Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Lawrence Neves


Hello B&H Photo.

I recently started listening to the podcasts and they are really terrific.  Allan and John really do a great job of communicating news, instruction, and personal anecdotes in a friendly manner.  Since I had little to no experience with B&H prior to the podcast, to me they have become the voice and personality of the company.  I have come to respect their opinions and will start to purchase all of my photographic equipment from B&H.  The most recent podcast with Chris Williams was particularly good.  I thought he added deep level expertise and spiced up the conversation, I really enjoyed it.  On the podcast, Chris invited listeners to pose questions to him and I took him up on that offer and true to his word, he responded in less than five minutes with useful advice, incredible.  I will continue to be an avid listener fo the podcast and a loyal customer to B&H.  Keep up the great work and I really hope you will consider having Chris on the podcast on a regular basis.



Thank you Jose, we really appreciate that comment and very happy to have you as part of the community...and I agree, Chris brought a lot to the show and we look forward to having him back. Thanks again, hope to get your feedback on future episodes.

Hi John,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I just bought a Canon 6D Mark II from B&H.  In the past I would have shopped around on Amazon or looked for deals elsewhere.  After becoming a loyal listener of your podcast and asking Chris some questions on Lenstherapy Live, I'm happy to be able to purchase my new camera body from B&H.  I appreciate all you do and will continue to use B&H for my photo needs.  Keep up the good work guys!


Thanks so much for this feedback, Jose....and we listened to you and had Chris back on the show!  :)   But that is great about the 6D... it's a great camera...and I hope your experience with B&H was positive in all aspects and continues to be so going forward.  Let us know how things go with the camera and share some images with us...   #bhphotopodcast    Thanks again