Drone Photography, 2022: The B&H Photography Podcast


It’s been a minute since we spoke about drones on the B&H Photography Podcast. The last time we did, it was about drones in news photography and before that, drone work in landscape photography. But today we welcome back to the show one of our earliest guests on the podcast, Randy Scott Slavin.

Slavin is an aerial photographer and drone operator, as well as a motion director and still photographer. He started his company Yeah Drones in 2013, at the dawn of drone use in film and commercial work, and his clients include Showtime, Netflix, ESPN, Saturday Night Live, and CNN, among many others. Slavin’s work crosses all genres from advertising to film, working with small teams and big crews, and he understands drone use from the photographer’s perspective as well as a flyer, racer, and builder of drones.

With Slavin, we talk about his recent projects, his workflow, and how he decides which drone is best for each assignment. We also talk about drones and cameras for large professional shoots and those geared more for advanced amateurs. We discuss new technologies and the recent improvements made in navigation, cameras, and batteries and ask which manufacturers are competing with DJI in the drone marketplace. Join us for this informative conversation.

Guest: Randy Scott Slavin

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Photographs © Randy Scott Slavin

Miami, 2019 © Randy Scott Slavin
Court, 2018 © Randy Scott Slavin
In a Rush, 2021 © Randy Scott Slavin
Range, 2017 © Randy Scott Slavin
El Capitan, 2017 © Randy Scott Slavin
Skyline, 2019 © Randy Scott Slavin

Walking the Dog, 2022 © Randy Scott Slavin

Host: Allan Weitz
Senior Creative Producer: John Harris
Senior Producer: Jason Tables
Executive Producer: Shawn C Steiner