The Godox Knowled M600BI LED Gets the Bi-Color Treatment


The powerful and efficient Godox Knowled M600 continuous LED light for video, film, and photo has just received a very useful upgrade in the form of bi-color adjustments, with the new Godox Knowled M600BI Bi-Color LED Light. Featuring a wide CTT range of 2800-6500K, Godox’s latest offering has the power and precision to suit your lighting needs.

Godox Knowled M600BI Bi-Color LED Light
Godox Knowled M600BI Bi-Color LED Light

The new bi-color version of the powerful 600W LED comes equipped with many of the same features of its daylight-only stablemate—the Knowled M600D. As such, photographers and videographers get exact color with a high CRI/TLCI rating of better than 96/97 and precise brightness control accurate to 0.1% over 4 different dimming curves—linear, S-curve, exponential, and logarithmic.

Power comes from the wall or a V-mount battery, and the AC/DC flexibility allows you to use the light in the studio or on location in the field. The light is also compatible with Bowens S-mount accessories for all your light-shaping needs. Power, dimming, and 21 simulated light effects can be controlled by wireless Bluetooth (Godox Light APP), onboard controls, or DMX interfaces. The unit is cooled by a near-silent internal fan.

The Godox Knowled M600BI Bi-Color LED Light ships with a controller, standard RFT-19 reflector, carrying bag, and more.

Are you ready for the expanded flexibility of this powerful bi-color LED light? Let us know in the Comments section, below!