Take Outstanding Wildlife Photos by Blending in with LensCoat


Blending into one’s surroundings greatly increases the chances of shooting candid wildlife photos successfully. Thanks to the hunting industry, there’s a huge selection of camouflage clothing designed for this purpose. However, no matter how well hidden a photographer is, sharp-eyed birds and animals can still spot their telephoto lenses and related gear. To address this issue, LensCoat offers closed-cell neoprene lens covers in a variety of patterns that match the natural environment.

Each lens cover is custom-manufactured for fit and usability. Depending upon the specific lens, clear windows, cutouts, and pieces for hoods and collars are included. In addition, lens covers provide an insulating layer for cold-weather handling while improving resale value by protecting lenses from dirt, scratches, and minor bumps. And they look good, too.

Lens Covers come in black for stealthy night shooting, Realtree Max4 for fields, Realtree Max5 for flooded marshes, digital camo for gray, rocky areas, forest-green camo, and Realtree AP Snow. LensCoats for specific lenses, and colors can be found on the B&H Lens Wraps & Bands Page. Matching tripod leg protectors, RainCoats, and accessories are also available. Once your gear is camouflaged, protected, and at the ready, you will be set to take outstanding wildlife photos.  



I cover my 70-200 on Silk 700 Tripod with a 3X Long Sleeve Mossy Oak t-shirt. You can wrap the long sleeves over the camera and lens. Works very well for about $20.