Rotolight Anova Pro Conserves Power Brightly


Conserve power without sacrificing quality with the Anova Pro BI-S LED Light, a Bi-Color LED fixture that runs on 94% less power than a tungsten light of similar brightness. This Rotolight fixture offers an output of 2,770 lumens at a distance of three feet using just 48W of power, all while taking advantage of accurate color management with the development of an overall color rendering of > 96 and a skin tone RA15 rating of > 99.

For a powerful daylight-balanced LED fixture, the Anova Pro 56K-S LED Light is a daylight-balanced LED fixture. With an output of 3,121 lumens at a distance of three feet using 51W of power, this daylight fixture promises to be a reliable source of light for your production shot, either on set or location.

Built-in effects include Strobe, Lightning, Fire, Cycle, Throb, Police, TV, Spin, Weld, Spark, Film, Neon, and even Gunshot. If shooting stills, you can sync your camera to the Anova Pro and use the light as a studio strobe. Designer Fade mode allows for custom fade-up and fade-down effects—handy when interviewing a subject or simply to reduce time spent in post production adding the effect. A universal AC adapter or optional V-Mount batteries will power either fixture if location shooting is too far from an available outlet.