Polaroid Announces the I-2 Camera with Built-In Manual Controls

Polaroid Announces the I-2 Camera with Built-In Manual Controls

Polaroid, the most iconic name in instant photography, has announced the I-2, its newest flagship camera and its first-ever to feature built-in manual controls. Also sporting Polaroid's sharpest-ever lens system, the I-2 is positioned to bring new possibilities of creative experimentation to the fun and free play of instant photography.



Elegant and functional, the I-2 was designed and engineered as a tool for serious play. Building on the history of the Polaroid camera, it sports a newly improved lens that is Polaroid's sharpest ever. With a 3-lens continuous autofocus system, the camera's optics allow the photographer to choose the aperture at any focusing distance beyond its minimum of 1.3", making the I-2 ideal for portraiture. The autofocus system is controlled by a high-accuracy IR-based Lidar ranging sensor and stepper motor, giving you more peace of mind than ever before.

The I-2's built-in manual controls can be viewed and adjusted on the external Liquid Crystal Module display, and further monitored through the integrated viewfinder. The lens's apertures run from f/8 to f/64, producing visible bokeh effects at its maximum aperture, while the shutter speed ranges from 1/250 to 30 seconds, with an additional bulb mode.

While the manual mode grabs the headlines, the camera also has auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, multiple exposure, and self-timer modes. Using the I-2 camera with the Polaroid app allows the photographer to fully get under the hood and explore its fullest capabilities, including unlocking full manual controls for the Multi-Exposure mode. Further exposure-shaping options include a built-in flash, exposure adjustment up to 2 stops in either direction, and a 2.5mm port for external flash sync.

Polaroid is further embracing its history by making the camera compatible with its 600 and SX-70 film stocks in addition to its latest generation i-Type film. The brand is also concurrently releasing a suite of vegan leather accessories for the camera, including a shoulder holster, shoulder strap, and carrying case. Other camera features include a lens filter thread mount compatible with 49mm filters, a standard 1/4"-20 tripod mount thread, and an included handle strap for comfortable carry. The camera's rechargeable, internal lithium-ion battery is powered by an included USB-C cable.

With the announcement of the I-2, Polaroid is announcing to photographers of all levels that it wants its cameras and film stocks to be taken seriously as tools for artistic exploration.

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For more information about the new camera, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the I-2 Camera. What do you think of the new and expanded Polaroid capabilities? Will you be incorporating the camera into your practice? Let us know below!


I busted out laughing when I saw "vegan leather" but then again when you think about which demographic something like this is being marketed to I can see why they wanted to push that.  It should come with a coupon for starbucks and a free avocado toast in Williamsburg and they'll sell like hotcakes.

They can't say "vinyl" because the same demographic would freak about petroleum products. : )

Looks great, alas I am strictly left-eyed for camera work, and this looks like that would not do. I hope I am wrong, and I'd note that "vegan leather" accessories are an idiotic pander.

Maybe it IS real leather but the "donor" cows were vegetarians!