The New Canon Rebel T6i, T6s: Candid Thoughts from the Specialists at B&H


Canon announced four new DSLR cameras this week, two of which are the T6i and T6s. If you need to figure out the key differences between the two, you can check out our full-blown announcement post, or our quick 60-second breakdown video. However, another important aspect to take into consideration concerning new camera announcements is the impressions of experienced professionals who are deeply familiar with the topic. Below, you'll find a collection of candid thoughts on the new Canon Rebel T6 models from camera specialists here at B&H.

..... .... Zevi Slotkin, B&H Camera Specialist
No surprises here—just the good standard-issue Rebel upgrades that we’ve come to expect from Canon over the years, with improvements to image quality and overall performance. To me, the inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi/NFC for the first time in a Rebel series camera may be the feature most appreciated by many Rebel shooters in day-to-day use.

..... .... Todd Vorenkamp, B&H Photography Content Writer 
As an APS-C shooter, I quietly rejoice when a new cropped-sensor camera is announced. I feel that Canon really did a solid for their APS-C customers with the 7D Mark II, and the new T6i/s cameras just add to the sense that Canon not only acknowledges that the APS-C shooter is an important part of the company's digital customer base, but that APS-C cameras deserve the same R&D effort that is going into their full-frame stable mates. Thank you, Canon!

Great resolution, great speed, new technology… all in an affordable chassis. What more can you ask for as someone wanting to upgrade their digital camera or make the leap into DSLR shooting?

..... .... Eric Reichbaum, B&H Photography Content Writer
Advanced amateurs are going to be pleased with the option of the top LCD screen and control dial on the T6s, but other features might be percieved as somewhat gimmicky. Wi-Fi and NFC are useless to me, and I am yet to see a built-in HDR function that produces an impressive image. The T6i is a very good entry-level camera, and has some big improvements for the Rebel line, most notably the sensor and processor. If this is your first DSLR, it’s a good choice; if you’re looking to replace your T5i, I’d also take a look at the 70D.

..... .... Bjorn Petersen, B&H Photography Content Writer
All things considered, this is a pretty decent update for the Rebel series. The increase in resolution brings this camera more in line with its competitors, and the boost to AF performance and exposure metering are certainly welcomed additions. The one aspect of this release that has me puzzled is the release of two separate cameras that are only differentiated by some handling aspects. I think Canon should have transitioned seamlessly into a single Rebel model featuring the more advanced control set with the top LCD and Quick Control dial.

..... ....Shawn Steiner, B&H Photography Content Writer
The new T6s and T6i DSLRs are nice updates to the Rebel line, and the new 24MP sensor should be okay. It is interesting to see the addition of some more “high-end” controls and screens on the T6s, but I don’t think it will have that much of an impact on my overall opinion of the entry/mid-level line. Also, if you are looking for more power and control, the 70D would be a much better option.

..... .... John Harris, B&H Photography Content Writer
The new Rebels are a continuation of a great consumer line of DSLRs. They are comfortable and provide a nice feature set; all cameras should have a Vari-angle LCD! Touchscreen is nice, Wi-Fi is cool and the upgraded image processor and focus system really step up the series. I’m not sure why they decided to make two versions, but I do like the fact that the T6s has the top LCD and Quick Control Dial, giving it some pro swagger.


Can the canon t6 tranfer videos to your ihope or ipad? 

The Wi-Fi will only support image transfer to Apple devices via Canon’s free Camera Connect app.

You would only be able to send video files, in addition to stills, using the NFC (Near Field Communication) when paired with a compatible Android Device. 

I am currently using a T4i and was wondering how much of an upgrade the T6i would be for me?  I am mostly shooting indoor figure skating with f/2.8 lenses, so I am interested in focus and low light improvements.  I like what the APS sensor offers me on a 28-70 and 70-200 lens, so I'm not currently thinking about full frame cameras, although I am curious about the 7Dmkii.

Sorry, I meant T6s not T6i

The T6s is an update of the Rebel T4i more than it is an upgrade.  The main features between the two are relatively the same (same ISO range, same burst rate etc).  The one unique feature that the T6s adds which the T4i lacks is the Wi-Fi ability. With it you can wirelessly transfer images and videos. When used with the Camera Connect mobile app users will be able to quickly and effectively upload files directly to social networking sites. Also, with NFC the camera can be paired to compatible mobile devices quickly, as well as to the CS100 Connect Station. If you’re looking for a true upgrade, consider the 7D Mk II, it will change your game considerably. 

I just hope the autofocus with the viewfinder will be better than the 70D. I had 2 of them and returned both. My T4i gives better focus with the same lenses and settings. And I'm not sure about the 2 variants. While I could have lived with the 70D controls, I really find the Rebel layout of buttons, etc., combined with the touch screen to be easier to use for my needs than what the 70D with separate top screen has.