Make 'em Smile with a Phoxi Tog Camera Buddy


Since the dawn of child portraiture, photographers have tried every trick in the book to get kids to look at the camera and smile. Desperate to capture the memorable images demanded by fawning parents, photographers resorted to baby talk, waving toys, and enlisting the help of family members. Often, the harder they tried, the more stubborn their pint-sized subjects became. Shoots quickly devolved into spectacles of humiliation that had photographers questioning their career choices. What to do?

Heeding their pleas for help, Phoxi Tog came to the rescue of downtrodden child photographers the world-over with an inspired line of tiny stuffed toys with built-in squeakers called Camera Buddys. A regular menagerie of colorful, cuddly cuteness—there’s Phoxi Cat, Dino, Elephant, Fish, Monkey, Penguin, and Snail. For hands-free use, each toy features a flexible appendage that may be wrapped around a lens, secured to other objects, or dangled. Lovable toys, Camera Buddys appeal to many pets, as well. With a coterie of Camera Buddys at the ready, there’s no tearful tot or whiny Weimaraner you can’t make smile.