LUMIX S5 II, S5 IIx Get, AF Upgrades with New Firmware

LUMIX S5 II, S5 IIx Get, AF Upgrades with New Firmware

Today, Panasonic announced a major firmware update for two of its popular mirrorless cameras, the LUMIX S5 II and S5 IIx. Firmware versions 3.0 for the S5 II and 2.0 for the S5 IIx introduce several notable upgrades, including updates to cloud storage, video recording, pre-burst shooting, autofocus, and image stabilization.

Chief among the upgrades is the introduction of connectivity to both LUMIX cameras. Proxy video, JPEGs, and RAW files are now available for upload to Adobe’s collaborative cloud file storage and management system. With connection over both Wi-Fi and USB-tethering, the integration of allows production team members to share, review, and edit photos and video captured on the S5 II and S5 IIx. Users can manually select files to be shared or share them automatically upon recording.

Downstream of compatibility is the “record proxy video” feature that creates shareable video files for the Adobe cloud platform. Available during MOV recording for both cameras and in ProRes on the S5 IIx, the camera will now simultaneously record a 4 to 16 Mbps file linked to the original video recording and sharing the same filename. The proxy file is saved to the SD Slot 2 memory card and facilitates post-production processes. Proxy video is available when shooting up to 60p and can have a REAL TIME LUT applied separately from the original video.

The firmware also introduces pre-burst shooting up to 1.5 seconds before the shutter is released. Available in three different time presets—0.5, 1, and 1.5 seconds of pre-shutter capture—the feature is only available when using the electronic shutter.

The update also benefits the autofocus system with improvements in AI-powered subject recognition. The system better recognizes individual human subjects when there are multiple people in the frame, as well as improving distinctions between human subjects and animals. The upgrade also introduces Cars and Motorcycles as categories of subject detection.

Video shooters also will see a boost in image stabilization with a new HIGH mode for E-Stabilization, intended to correct larger shake when shooting on the move. The update also includes an option to correct for perspective distortions that occur during video shooting.

Other changes include improved overall operational stability and improved quality in pictures taken with Live View Composite mode.

Panasonic is slated to release the software updates on April 21, 2024.