Lowepro Announces Biggest Pro Trekker Bag Yet: Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II

Lowepro Announces Biggest Pro Trekker Bag Yet: Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II

Are you a professional photo or videographer looking for a new multi-day pack? Then perk up your ears. Lowepro has an exciting new release for you: meet the Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II Backpack.

Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II Backpack
Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II Backpack

This new Pro Trekker 650 is built for anyone lugging serious gear. We’re talking professional landscape, wildlife, and documentary photographers and videographers. The pack can accommodate a camera body with up to an 800mm lens, an additional camera body, and three to four extra lenses. It’s crafted from durable, 87% recycled fabric and is the company’s first Trekker bag to sport fully coated outer fabrics along with fully sealed main compartment zippers. This is crucial for protecting your gear during an unexpected rain or snowstorm.

The Pro Trekker 650 also takes the best technology from the Pro Trekker and PhotoSport lines.

For example, it has a fully accessible main compartment, like you find in the Pro Trekker bags, but with the ActiLift harness system from PhotoSport. ActiLift gives you the power to make essential micro adjustments to your bag. You can now increase the length of the harness system by four steps, making it more possible than ever before to adapt the bag to your specific torso length and load requirements.

The Pro Trekker 650’s modular, highly configurable design is made to meet the demands of any assignment. There are webbing loops and a variety of straps sewn to the outside for attaching gear. There are also large mesh pockets to maximize versatility and a specific compartment for your water bladder, complete with a pass-through hole. This is vitally important for keeping your gear safe while you stay hydrated out in the field.

Most importantly, the bag’s main compartment is a labyrinth of possibility.

Inside you will find a wide assortment of Velcro® dividers that can be reconfigured for your specific setup. This gives you the flexibility to organize your gear while maintaining the ability to rearrange it on the fly easily.

Finally, a removable pouch sits atop the bag, made for storing extra gear when the main compartment is full. When removed, the pouch can be worn as a sling bag or around your waist. This is great for carrying small gear, snacks, and accessories that you need to access quickly.

The Pro Trekker 650 AW II is the latest and largest bag in a long line of time-tested packs. Photographers have reported using Pro Trekker bags in some of the world’s most extreme environments, from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the frigid island of Spitsbergen. This means that you are getting the best and latest technology from Lowepro in the brand’s most configurable and durable bag yet.

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