FUJIFILM Partners with Adobe for X-H2S Firmware Update


Perfect for those looking to have a fully integrated production workflow that’s primed for direct file sharing and instant collaboration, FUJIFILM, in conjunction with Adobe, has just announced the development of a firmware update that permits camera-to-cloud file saving—a first for digital stills cameras. This upcoming firmware update will be for the FUJIFILM X-H2S mirrorless camera when used with the FT-XH File Transmitter Grip, an Internet connection, and an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and will provide users the ability to upload a combination of videos and stills instantly and directly to Frame.io. This process helps reduce ingest times and the need to have a separate uploading step after shooting, so teams and clients have access to files as soon as they’re shot. And, since the files will be saved to the Frame.io cloud hub, real-time remote collaboration is a possibility from anywhere in the world.

Some key features and examples of this camera-to-cloud process include the following.

  • The X-H2S and FT-XH can be configured to deliver ProRes proxy files, which can be more efficiently transferred in real time, so editing can begin during the shoot and then original camera files can be swapped in for higher-quality results when finishing and producing the final deliverables.

  • Besides ProRes proxy files, a variety of other video file types and still photo types can also be uploaded to Frame.io for collaborator access. File transfers can be automated to be sent as shot or can be manually sent individually as needed.

  • Secure file transfers are ensured, thanks to full Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and Security Operations Center (SOC) 2 Type 2 compliance once your X-H2S and FT-XH are authenticated and paired with your own Frame.io account.

Expected to be available in spring 2023, this firmware update will be free for X-H2S users with an FT-XH File Transmitter Grip and a paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. For more information, visit FUJIFILM’s website.