Digital Sputnik takes Modular Lighting Beyond Low Earth Orbit


Set up a modular lighting system for your studio or location productions. Digital Sputnik has designed an effective system that includes the one-light modular system, three-light modular system, and the six-light modular system, complete with softboxes and grids for added flexibility when shooting. A modular system, whether it be for one, three, or six lights, allows for increased mobility and cuts down on power consumption, as well as setup and take-down time, all while maintaining the utmost quality lighting. 

The smallest of the systems, the DS 1 LED Modular Light System, can be powered by V-mount batteries or 12-36 VDC, making it ideal for small or limited-budget productions. It has been designed for use when access to AC power is unavailable. Composed of three DS1 lights, the DS 3 LED Modular Light Basic System functions as a slightly more robust starter system for location lighting or fixed studio settings. The lights feature 0-100% flicker-free dimming, 1,500-10,000K with +/- green tint, full RGB and primary color rendering, and can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi with an optional Wi-Fi Control Module or with an optional DMX module. For a more complete three-light modular setup, the DS 3 LED Modular Light Plus System includes a durable DS3+ case designed specifically for this system, a Digital Sputnik Wi-Fi handle, six small barndoors, six large barndoors, four diffuser box corner profiles, twelve diffuser box slides, and three 1x1 diffuser lenses.

The largest modular setup, the DS 6 LED Modular Light System, provides light output similar to a 4K HMI Fresnel at full flood, but with the added features of rotating light columns for focusing, and 0-100% flicker-free dimming. Additionally, the DS 6 Frames may be used as a replacement for Dino Lights or two 4K HMI lights, since the majority of the hardware and accessories are the same as in the Digital Sputnik system.

Available modifiers include the Snapbag Softbox for DS 3 Modular Light, Snapbag Softbox Grid for DS 3 Modular Light, Snapbag Softbox Grid for DS 6 Modular Light, and the Snapbag Softbox for DS 6 Modular Light.

Should you need an adjustable body-worn support system to support your camera rig, the Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 5" Extended Arm or the Easyrig Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig Vest and 9" Extended Arm support cameras weighing 11 to 38 pounds, taking the load off your shoulder, neck, and arm muscles, distributing it across your torso. The combination of the appropriate Digital Sputnik modular light system with a Gimbal Rig Vest will allow you to film with ease on location, in tight spaces, and with increased mobility that other combinations cannot always guarantee.

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