Things We Love: A Nitecore Battery Charger?


I never fancied myself a passionate lover of a battery charger. That is, until I tried the Nitecore FX1 Dual-Slot USB Travel Charger for FUJIFILM NP-W126 & NP-W126S Batteries. Am I kidding you? No. Seriously, I really, really like, maybe love, this camera battery charger. Why and how did this charger win my heart? Four words: It is freaking cool!

Battery chargers usually come with a new camera except for some USB-charging only cameras. We use them and often do not give them a second thought—until we travel. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but even the small and lightweight battery charger seems like a burden to pack—especially with a long and thick power cord. Also, OEM camera battery chargers (and batteries) seem like they could be a bit, er, overpriced so that when you need a second or a spare, it puts a dent in your Payboo account.

Enter the Nitecore USB camera battery chargers.

  • The Nitecore is lighter (2.1 oz vs. 6.4 oz) and smaller than the perfectly adequate stock FUJIFILM BC-W126S Battery Charger.
  • The Nitecore (at press time) is less expensive than the FUJIFILM charger.
  • The Nitecore charges via a built-in USB cable that is integral to the unit—not via a separate cord.
  • The Nitecore can charge two batteries at once while the FUJIFILM charger only handles one at a time.
  • The Nitecore charger gives you a super-cool LED readout of the battery’s status, charging current, battery voltage, battery temperature, and charged volume while the battery is on the charger. The FUJIFILM charger gives you a green LED to tell you the battery is charging.

The Nitecore charger is lighter, stronger, has a nerd-alert feature set, and more. What is not to love?

I have only used the Nitecore for FUJIFILM batteries, but there are models available for Nikon (and Nikon), Sony, Canon, and Leica.

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