Masih Alinejad: What is Photography?


Photography is a tool of empowerment that has allowed me and millions of others to tell our stories.

Growing up in a religious family with very traditional values, my true identity was lost. Like many other girls from Iran, from the age of seven, I had to cover up. My school photo shows a girl barely visible from layers of cloth covering her up. You say to yourself, this is not my true-self, but this photo will be your identity going forward. And yet, a photograph can also be a means to fight back to regain one's identity. For many women and girls who do not believe in the compulsory dress code, photography has become a tool of resistance against this forced identity. I encourage all women to use social media to tell their stories about their identities.

Masih Alinejad, journalist and activist

Photograph © Cory Rice

What Is Photography? Let's Find Out!

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