Gitzo: Makers of Legendary Tripods and More


The photographic industry is home to many storied brands whose very names bring up images of famous photographs, beautiful lenses, high- and classic low-tech cameras, and sometimes the feel of having touched a product from one of those companies. When it comes to tripods, Gitzo represents the best of the best in the world of camera supports.

With more than a century of experience making photographic equipment, the company has been making tripods since the 1950s. When you handle a Gitzo or see it in use, it is no wonder that photographers who use Gitzo consider them essential to their craft and some of the best, if not the best, tripods on the market. Many photographers have passed their ultra-durable Gitzo supports to their next of kin knowing that they will also get decades of reliable service from these tools. And, of course, there are many photographers in the world who envy the Gitzo gear employed by others.

Let’s look at what Gitzo is currently bringing to the market.

Traveler Tripods

I always considered the Gitzo Traveler tripods to be the best in the travel tripod category. While their specs might be rivaled by their competition, the Gitzo models continue to represent the best of the best.

Fairly unique to Gitzo Traveler tripods is the design of the tripod head that allows the reversing legs to lie completely parallel with each other—allowing for a smaller stored form factor and, also, the use of a robust, high-load-capacity head with a travel system. You will also notice that the legs of the Gitzo Traveler tripods are a bit narrower than some of their competition, yet they maintain strength on par with stouter-legged models from other brands.

And, if you love your tripod head, you can pair it with a set of Traveler legs.

Another selling point is that all Gitzo tripods are designed to be serviced in the field by photographers. Many Gitzo tripod replacement parts are available from B&H, so, if you somehow wear out any components of your Gitzo, you can easily swap out the worn pieces for shiny new ones.

Mountaineer Tripods

When it comes to full-size tripods, the Gitzo Mountaineer tripods also take a podium spot when placed against the competition, again, holding a high spot in my best full-size tripods article.

One thing that owners (and wannabe owners) love about Gitzo tripods and heads is their design aesthetic. From the powder coating and brushed-metal accents of the heads to the striking veneer of their carbon fiber legs, Gitzo tripods look great in any environment—from urban settings, rugged outdoors, and professional studios, to black-tie events.

Not only do they look smart, but Gitzo makes some of the best twist locks in the business. Another great feature of the Mountaineer tripods is that they have removable center columns to allow for very low-to-the-ground shooting.

Mountaineer legs are available for those who already have a tripod head.

Systematic Tripods

A step beyond the full-size tripod is the heavy-duty modular tripods that allow for swapping out the chassis center for different photographic needs. The flagship Gitzo Systematic line of tripods represents their corner of the tripod market.

The Systematic structure allows users to use a telescoping geared/crank center column, a leveling base, a right-angle bracket, or a flat-top base on the same set of tripod legs.

For unmatched stability and high load capacities, the Systematic line gives photographers the flexibility and support they need to accomplish any task.

And, like the Traveler and Mountaineer series, you can shop for Systematic legs.

Tripod Heads

If you are shopping Gitzo’s offerings à la carte, you can pair the Traveler, Mountaineer, or Systematic tripod legs with a matching Gitzo tripod head. Or, if you have a set of legs you trust, you can certainly add a Gitzo head to your kit.

Gitzo tripod heads are some of the best-looking in the business, too, and their ball heads have a tungsten bisulfide micron coating for especially smooth movements.

Mini Tripods

If you want Gitzo quality on a tiny scale, the company does make a pair of mini tabletop tripods that feature the striking Gitzo design aesthetic and the same quality of the brand’s larger models. When it comes to “travel tripods,” there is really nothing quite like a pocket-size tabletop tripod that fits in your camera bag and can be broken out for that shot in fading daylight or even for added stability for a landscape image.


Gitzo’s monopods are made to the same exacting standards and have the same great feature set for which its tripods are famous. Not only are they a critical piece of gear for wildlife and sports photographers with long lenses, but monopods can also be the perfect tool for today’s creatives who need to travel light and react fast yet get some extra stability for their images or videos. The pivoting rubber foot featured on the Gitzo monopods makes subtle angle changes and movement intuitive and smooth.

Straps and Bags

Gitzo has recently expanded its durability, technology, know-how, and reputation for quality in other photographic gear. Gitzo fans can don one of the company’s gorgeous camera bags, designed with looks that make them great for urban or rugged outdoor deployment. You can also dress up any camera with Gitzo-designed camera straps.

Do you have any questions about today’s line of Gitzo tripods and products? Do you have some Gitzo gear and want to share some stories? Go for it in the Comments section, below!