Adventure Week: Colorado Edition is Winding Down

Adventure Week: Colorado Edition is Winding Down

Well, that just about does it. The second annual Adventure Week is ending, and I’m happy to say it was jam-packed with exciting and helpful content. Everything was here! From our excursion to Colorado with the Hasselblad X1D II 50C, Tamron 17-28mm, and DJI Osmo Action; content provided by even more adventurous affiliates, such as Stan Moniz, the Mandagies, and Jess Santos; and our usual fare of educational pieces ready to guide you through your next trip. Here are some the highlights of the week.

Adventure Week 2019: Will the Crew and Gear Survive?

So far, each Adventure Week has focused on the experiences of a few writers and video team members here at B&H. This latest one took a group of us to Colorado to test out gear and put our bodies on the line. It was a lot of fun and very tiring, so go check out this overview of all the adventures that make this year the Colorado Edition.

Hasselblad X1D II 50C—The Epitome of Reductive Scandinavian Design

Bjorn Petersen is a fan of medium format, and the X1D II 50C from Hasselblad is one of the most appealing for travelers and adventurers, thanks to its lightweight design. Getting our hands on an early version, Petersen found a lot to love in his review and took numerous landscapes while we were out adventuring. The exceptional detail and dynamic range of the camera was perfect for our trip and the “reductive Scandanavian design” was very much appreciated. Traveling around with a medium-format camera has never been easier! Check out the review or our video for more info and photos.

Tamron 17-28mm—Another Winner for Sony Shooters

During my time in Colorado, I was paired with the latest from Tamron: the 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens. A perfect complement to its 28-75mm compeer, this wide-angle pick seemed to be great for getting right in on the action during sandboarding and capturing landscapes. It was definitely a high performer and is destined to be a popular choice for Sony E-mount photographers, thanks to its relative affordability, f/2.8 constant aperture, and versatile zoom range. I loved it, but definitely click and check out the photos in the review to see if it holds up to your expectations.

Great Sand Dunes with Tamron 17-28mm
Sandboarding at the Great Sand Dunes with the Tamron 17-28mm Lens

DJI Osmo Action—Seriously Steady Footage

There’s a serious battle going on for the title of “best action cam” and, after spending time with the DJI Osmo Action, our own Brett Smith thinks it is a serious competitor. RockSteady Mode is insanely steady, whether you are running up 2700+ steps or tackling some class 4 whitewater rapids, the front screen makes vlogging and framing yourself a breeze, and the video quality itself is superb. Read all about Smith’s thoughts in his hands-on review or check out the video for an in-depth look at the RockSteady Mode.

Aerial Photography Tips from The Mandagies

Most of us here don’t often find ourselves taking aerial photos—though we do love taking adventures with drones. For some serious aerial photography tips, we look to The Mandagies to share their expert knowledge with 20+ Tips for Maximizing Fleeting Moments in the Sky. Emily and Berty are very experienced in this arena having taken to the skies in Hawaii, hopped on a doors-off helicopter tour around New York, and taken other tours over the Grand Teton National Park and Rocky Mountains in Canada. We trust them and their tips and think you should too, especially if you want to take off on your first aerial photography adventure. If you’d like to read even more about taking to the skies, be sure to check out Allan Weitz’s piece about the Rhinebeck Aerodrom Museum and his experiences.

Emily and Berty Mandagie Aerial Photography
Emily and Berty Mandagie take to the skies for photography.

Night Photography on a Whole Other Level

Earlier this year, Jess Santos and Stan Moniz took their own exciting trips out into nature, though their adventures took place at night. Santos shared details on how to create a blue-hour blend, a unique technique that takes advantage of the latest in modern post-production techniques and a less talked about time of day that should not be overshadowed by the ubiquitous golden hour. Moniz, on the other, hand focused on night time-lapses and astrophotography, two tough but awesome ways to capture the world when the sun sets. Hopefully more of this material is coming soon, so check them out.

Jess Santos Blue Hour Blends
Jess Santos, aka MissJessBess, shows us how to create blue hour blends.

An Introduction to the Road’s End Workshop Series

Finally, just launched today was the first of a series of travel-focused articles coming from the Road’s End Workshop, headed by Paige Denkin and Corey Christian. This pair of photographers has decided recently to pack up all their belongings in New York, revamp a 1972 Airstream trailer, and head across the country teaching photography and taking pictures and video. As they continue to produce content, they will be coming back to B&H Explora every month with some new tips, advice, and a way to find them as they travel the country. 

Road's End Workshop with Paige and Corey

These highlights are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Adventure Week. You can read about a ton of other related gear and tips. Some of our favorites are our general time-lapse tips, a review of the new PowerBeats Pro true wireless earbuds, and a hands-on review of the FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini LiPlay Instant Camera. All of this can be found at Adventure Week on B&H Explora and, with winter quickly approaching, we are hoping that some of you can provide suggestions for winter or summer adventures for 2020. Thanks!

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