Recommended Lighting Gear for Preparedness Planners


A top priority for preparedness planners is assembling a versatile selection of lighting gear. One low-tech solution is the UCO Original Candle Lantern that delivers up to nine hours of light with a UCO Candle. An easy-slide glass chimney provides safety and helps shield the candle from wind. A second low-tech light that offers the added benefit of USB device charging, plus an AM, FM, and WB analog radio is the Barska Hand Crank Radio with Flashlight and Charger. This light may be powered with its hand crank, internal rechargeable battery, DC input via mini USB, or with the built-in solar panel.

UCO Original Candle Lantern

For situations that require up to 250 Lumens of light, there’s the GOAL ZERO Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern / USB Hub, which features hand-crank charging, USB port, and rotating red warning lights. A permanent Li-NMC rechargeable battery provides up to 24 hours of power at the lowest setting, and 2.5 hours in turbo mode. This lantern has an IPX4 water-resistant rating and weighs only 17.6 oz.  

GOAL ZERO Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern / USB Hub

Preparedness planners who relate to the biblical phrase, “Let there be light,” will appreciate the small, portable, low-cost Go Green LED Flashlights. These flashlights range in output from 2 to 200 Lumens, and feature shockproof lenses and water-resistant designs. While the majority run on batteries, a few are rechargeable or have AC adapters. There’s even a Go Green LED Flashlight Keychain that operates on two CR1220 batteries.

Go Green LED Flashlight Keychain

Not to be overlooked is a high-power light source like the Barska 2000 Lumen FLX High Power LED Tactical Flashlight. The Barska 2000 features three output levels, strobe and SOS modes, up to 7 hours of low-output usage, and runs on two rechargeable batteries. Designed for preparedness, this light is water resistant, shockproof, and fog proof.

Barska 2000 Lumen FLX High Power LED Tactical Flashlight

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