Prepare for Slumber with Essential Sleeping Gear


A good night’s sleep will help you and yours prepare for the difficulties that accompany unforeseen events and circumstances. For this reason, it’s imperative that your preparedness measures include stockpiling essential sleeping gear. Most likely, the first item that comes to mind when thinking about sleep preparations is a sleeping bag. However, no list of sleeping essentials would be complete without sleep pads, travel pillows, standard cots, tent cots, bunk cots, and even a sleep hoodie thrown in for good measure. Remember, if you snooze, you lose! However, in this case, you’ll lose if you don’t snooze—so start preparing now.

Sleeping bags

Kelty Tuck EX Sleeping Bag

Crucial to matching a sleeping bag to your needs is knowing the temperature range in which it will be used. Depending upon where you live, you may need more than one sleeping bag. The Kelty Tuck EX Sleeping Bag is an oversized, mummy-style bag that is rated for four-season use down to -20°F. This brilliantly designed bag features an opening at the bottom that makes it possible to walk while inside the bag. Users will appreciate the included stuff sack, small pack-down size, and media storage pocket. Criteria for choosing a sleeping bag include left- or right-side opening, size, and whether the bag needs to accommodate more than one person. Fortunately, B&H stocks an enormous selection of sleeping bags to serve every preparedness need.

Sleep pads

Klymit Static V 2 Sleeping Pad

Space permitting, you’ll want to accessorize your sleeping bag with a sleep pad. Even though the Klymit Static V 2 Sleeping Pad weighs a mere 16.3 oz., it provides a layer of cushioning comfort and an R-value of 1.3 to help insulate you from cold or damp ground. The V2 measures 72 x 23 x 2.5", inflates with 10-15 breaths, packs down to 3 x 8" for easy transport, and incorporates a V-chamber design for limited air movement. A stuff sack and patch kit are included, too. Sleeping pads come in a variety of styles, R-values, self-inflating models, body-mapping shapes, and may come with a hand pump for added firmness.

Travel pillows

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

Not to be overlooked in your sleeping preparedness arsenal is the oft-neglected and unappreciated travel pillow. The Medium Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow compresses for easy packing, fluffs up in minutes, weighs only 9 oz., and expands in size to 5 x 14 x 18". To make stressful days feel a bit less stressful, the Therm-a-Rest is available in cheerful Indigo Dot, Poppy, and Denim colors. To accommodate every member of your family, this pillow is offered in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. For situations where weight is mission-critical, there’s the COCOON Ultralight Aircore Inflatable Travel Pillow. The COCOON is constructed of soft microfiber and urethane, weighs 4 oz., and is inflated via a twist-shut valve.

Standard cots

Slumberjack Tough Cot

Many extended-duration preparedness planners will appreciate the value of adding a standard cot, such as the Slumberjack Tough Cot, to their list of provisions. The Slumberjack is a basic steel-and-polyester, 350-lb capacity, folding cot that weighs 27 lb, and includes a handy carry bag. Benefits of a cot include elevating the sleeping surface, added storage space underneath, and improved sleeping comfort. To meet the needs and preferences of a wide variety of users, standard cots are available with integral, self-inflating sleeping pads, storage lofts, organizers, and structural configurations.

Tent and bunk cots


Tent cots combine the benefits of a tent and cot in a handy package that helps protect sleepers from insects and inclement weather. One ingenious example of the tent cot is the built-for-two, double-size KAMP-RITE Tent Cot. The 500-lb-capacity tent cot features no-see-um mesh on windows and doors, powder-coated fiberglass frame, 600D nylon fabric, and a 53 x 84 x 40" sleeping area. Perhaps best of all, this cot converts to a lounge chair and comes with a heavy-duty carry bag and rain fly.

Even if preparedness isn’t the primary goal—it may be hard to pass up a bunk cot named Disc-O-Bed Large Cam-O-Bunk Kit with Organizers. The word Disc-O refers not to a style of music, but to the modular disc system that enables this amazing cot to convert from sleeping-for-two to a couch with seating for three or more. Included with this kit are two carry bags and two side organizers. The list of tent and bunk cots on the B&H website is truly impressive and well worth exploring.

Sleep hoodie

Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow

And for the sleep preparedness planner who has thought of almost everything, we humbly offer the fashionable Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow. This minimalist approach takes the neck pillow and combines it with a Microfleece hood and drawstring to cover your eyes and ears for an improved slumber. A stuff sack is included, as well. We spend almost one third of our lives sleeping—so when it comes to preparedness, don’t get caught napping.

Please feel free to use the Comments section, below, to share your sleep gear suggestions, thoughts and advice with fellow preparedness planners.