National Photo Month


“April showers bring May flowers,” but photographers know the month of May is remembered for something else, too. Each year, May 1st marks the start of four weeks of photographic exploration and celebration, otherwise known as National Photography Month. This month at B&H, keep track of all your favorite wedding, landscape, and portrait photography content here on our dedicated National Photography Month page. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your portrait photography setup, conversations with respected photographers as they discuss their craft, tips on how to improve your next landscape shoot, and so much more, we’ve got you covered.


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I recently purchased the Hollyland Lark M1 DUO 2-person wireless microphone system. It has great sound and adequate range and comes with two adapter plugs for TRS and TRRS 3.5mm jacks. I bought adapters for use with a cell phone with only a USB-C input jack, and the system performs beautifully. I tested the working range outdoors with no obstructions or obstacles, and the 200 meter (656 foot) range is an exaggeration, but the system is good for about half that distance. I anticipate using it within about 50 feet of the recorder. (It's time to get people to think in metric. "656 feet" is 200 meters. Just say so.) I appreciate that the kit includes a small carrying case that holds the mics and receiver in their charging case along with wind screens and the mini-jack cables. The Hollyland is a winner at a good price.