BlackRapid Lanyards and Camera Sling Strap


Everyone dreads the feeling of having misplaced or forgotten something, especially when you’re already at your destination. BlackRapid lanyards can help ensure that whatever’s important stays close to you. Its standard lanyard measures 35" and features an adjustable neck strap with a hook-and-go attachment, which can be used for badges, smartphone cases, and more. Users who want a bit more breathing room can check out the larger 47" version. Should your device not be compatible, you can consider purchasing the Tether Tab accessory. Intended for smartphones, the Tether Tab features an adhesive back, if needed, and is designed to fit between your phone and case while the tab sticks out of the bottom charging port cutout. You can then easily attach the lanyard for hands-free carrying. Lanyards and Tether Tabs are available as a set in either 35" or 47" options.

For the photographers, BlackRapid also has the Nicole Elliot Camera Sling Strap that’s designed to be worn on either shoulder for easy carrying. Measuring 63" long, the strap is attached to two wide shoulder pads, which feature zip pockets for small accessories and lens caps. With improved weight distribution, it’s comfortable and lets users carry their gear without additional strain. Moreover, it’s washable by hand and soap for quick cleaning. Aside from the usual bag, how do you typically carry around your camera gear? Let us know in the Comments section, below!