Introducing Nanlite PavoSlim Bi-Color and RGBWW LED Panels

Introducing Nanlite PavoSlim Bi-Color and RGBWW LED Panels

Power, versatility, and sleek design are all synonymous with four new LED panels just announced by Nanlite: The bi-color PavoSlim 60B and 120B and the RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C. The 60B and 120B boast an impressive average CRI of 95. These bi-color marvels ensure that your subjects are bathed in natural, lifelike color, allowing you to capture every detail with unmatched precision. For those who demand an even wider palette of color control over their lighting, the 60C and 120C models bring RGBWW functionality alongside a remarkable CRI rating of 96, thus achieving accurate skin tones and vibrant, true-to-life colors that breathe vitality into your visual creations.

The bi-color PavoSlim 60B and PavoSlim 120C
The bi-color PavoSlim 60B and PavoSlim 120C

Each model comes equipped with a host of features and specifications that elevate your lighting experience to a whole new realm, ensuring you capture every moment with unmatched precision and vibrancy.

Robust, Efficient, and Effortless

While the PavoSlim panels may be slightly heavier than mats, they more than compensate with their unparalleled robustness, brightness, and rapid setup capabilities. Designed with the professional in mind, these panels offer a seamless, user-friendly experience, whether you're on set or in a remote location. The lightweight, slim profile, coupled with the option to power them using external batteries, makes them the ideal choice for shoots even in the most challenging environments. The "60" models each accommodate two L-series batteries and have a plate for a single V-mount battery, while the "120" models feature a V-mount plate to meet higher power demands. Additionally, all models can be AC-powered using the included cords to ensure adaptability in any studio setting.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips

PavoSlim panels incorporate an array of control options that cater to your diverse technical and creative needs. The RGBWW models are equipped with CRMX LumenRadio control and Lee filter presets, ensuring seamless adjustment of color temperatures and nuanced effects. All four models offer on-board control, 2.4G, Bluetooth, DMX/RDM, and Nanlink App for seamless wired or wireless control and customization. No matter which model you choose, you'll have the tools you need to create the perfect lighting ambiance for your projects.

Unveiling the Power Beneath the Panel

Both the bi-color and RGBWW 60 models pack a punch with a rated power of 72W, while the 120 models step it up with a commanding 150W. The 60B and 120B offer a color temperature range from 2700 to 6500K and a selection of 12 built-in practical effects comprising CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Disco, Bad Bulb, Firework, and Explosion/Welding, giving you the freedom to experiment and create stunning visual effects effortlessly. The 60C and 120C models take it a step further with 15 built-in practical effects, adding the colorful HUE Loop, and an extended color temperature range from 2700 to 7500K. Furthermore, both the 60C and 120C have GM±150 adjustment to ensure that your LED light adapts to any shooting scenario. The collective photometrics of the PavoSlim fixtures provide an impressive delivery range from 660 to 18,010 lux at distances of 3.3' when using the lights alone, without softbox or diffusion. All four PavoSlim models share an impressive set of technical specifications. With a 60° beam angle, 0-100% dimming in 1% increments, and a TLCI rating of 97, these panels offer unrivaled precision and adaptability.

Secure and Reliable Fit with a Universal Holder

Each fixture features a rear four-pin locking plate and a versatile universal holder. This combination allows you to achieve a secure and reliable fit, augmented with the perfect angle and position to ensure that your lighting is tailored to your creative vision. Additional features such as Firmware updates, Bluetooth Reset, and All Setting Function Reset guarantee that your PavoSlim panel remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

Expand Your Horizons with Coupling Accessories

Broaden your creative scope and enhance practicality with optional Nanlite coupling accessories that provide the means to assemble multiple panels into a larger lighting fixture. This not only expands the coverage area but also enhances overall intensity, allowing you to adapt to varying shooting conditions effortlessly without any compromise in lighting efficiency or quality. Whether you're illuminating a small studio or an expansive set, the PavoSlim panels are engineered to rise to the occasion.

A Complete Package for Convenience

Each PavoSlim panel comes complete with essential accessories to streamline your workflow. Included in the package are the lighting fixture and its intuitive control unit, a softbox, an egg-crate grid, two diffusers (lite and standard), a universal holder, an 8.5' DC connection cable, a 14.8' AC power cable, a user manual, and a rugged padded carrying case. Additionally, the 60C and 120C models also include a quick-release clamp and a baby pin holder.

Right out of the box, each panel seems to possess a user-friendly familiarity and can be set up and ready to use within minutes. The streamlined design of the control unit, which offers an easy-to-read LCD screen with three brightness settings, is equipped with Mode and Menu buttons for establishing setup, and two knobs for smooth and intuitive navigation and for increasing and decreasing values of selected functions and effects. The softbox attaches effortlessly with hook-and-loop fasteners, providing soft, diffused lighting that enhances the quality of your shots with nuanced variations. The egg-crate grid further refines the light, giving you even greater control over its spread. The user manual provides clear and concise descriptions and diagrams to get you moving in no time with the included necessary cabling providing enough length to give you a modest range of movement options for optimal placement. With the sturdy carrying case, which comes with its own padded shoulder strap, you can transport and store your PavoSlim panel with ease and confidence, ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Illuminate Your Vision

The PavoSlim LED panels are a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in lighting technology. These panels empower photographers, videographers, and content creators to capture the world in its truest form, with accuracy, vibrancy, and unrivaled quality. Whether you opt for the bi-color models with their exceptional CRI ratings or the RGBWW models with their extensive color-control options, PavoSlim panels are the embodiment of cutting-edge design and practicality. With practical effects, flexible power options, and included accessories, these panels offer everything you need for a seamless and professional lighting experience. Illuminate your vision with the new PavoSlim 60B, 120B, 60C, and 120C LED light panels and experience a brighter, more colorful reality.

For more information about these new LED panels, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product pages for the Nanlite PavoSlim 60B and 120B and the RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C LED lights. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.