Godox Announces Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

Godox Announces Dive Light Series and Macro Ring Flash

Godox just announced two new lighting solutions for photographers who wish to push the boundaries of their creativity on land or under the sea.

The WT series offers an array of dive tube lights in various lengths, allowing photographers to enjoy the flexibility of a tube light at up to 40m underwater. Available in daylight and RGB configurations, these lights automatically switch to a higher wattage when submerged to illuminate underwater scenes effectively.

Godox Dive tube lights
Dive tube lights

This series has been optimized for easy use while underwater. Equipped with handy fluorescent buttons, toggling the settings on the tube lights is possible even in complete darkness.

Each tube is also equipped with an included strap mount that can be tied to your wrist to prevent your light source from floating away mid-shoot. If you’re going for a stationary or multi-light configuration that will be functional underwater, you might consider the Light Stand Mount Adapter for your setup, as well.

Because the WT series contains dive tube lights in several different lengths, their charging times and outputs vary by length. However, each light supports dimming from 0 to 100% and boasts a high CRI/TLCI score of 96 for guaranteed color accuracy.

The 13 preset special effects are also noteworthy, offering enormous cinematic potential when shooting underwater scenes. Effective, easy to use, and packed with special features, this series promises to take underwater creation to a whole new level.

Godox also offers its MF-R76C for photographers who won’t be taking a plunge anytime soon. This unique TTL macro ring flash works by inserting the controller into your camera’s hot shoe and mounting the ring flash directly on your lens.


Offering fast recycle times from 0.1–1s and outputting 76W of flash power, this versatile little flash promises to be a worthy addition for photographers working with Canon, Sony, and Nikon systems.

With an intuitive user interface, the MF-R76C is well suited for beginner photographers looking to get involved with macro photography. Handy features such as auto-adjust brightness and focus assist promise to get that perfect close-up shot―even in dim lighting conditions. 

Godox packs in all the tools you might need to make full use of this flash. Included in the package are several adapter rings for broad compatibility across lenses, as well as a rechargeable lithium battery that powers the control unit.

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