COLBOR Announces the CL220R RGB COB LED


The CL220R is COLBOR’s latest installment in its lighting lineup. With a constant 220W equivalent output, it’s set to be the highest-powered RGB Bowens Mount COB light. It can display up to 3,600,000 colors, along with a wide spectrum of lighting effects, all in an ultra-compact aluminum-alloy body that provides content creators with an excellent solution for their multicolor lighting needs.


With a 97/98 CRI/TLCI rating, you can be sure to nail colors with superb precision. Adjust saturation, hue, and the temperature range (2700K to 6500k) seamlessly, all from the on-board knobs. The CL220R comes with a Green/Magenta compensation feature that allows you to adjust for tint deviations that may be caused by camera sensors, filters, soft boxes, and any other possible irregularity on set that may cause unwanted tinting. This can also aid in matching a variety of other light sources.

The constant 220W equivalent output will allow for 7260 lux at a distance of 3.3 feet; however, when paired with the included reflector, that number jumps to an impressive 31,400 lux. Additionally, COLBOR has introduced an all-new algorithm, ensuring that even at maximum output, the CL220R will maintain consistent brightness for its entire spectrum of colors.

For those scenes that require the extra spice, there are also 13 pre-set lighting effects:

  • Fire

  • Spark

  • CCT Chase

  • Pulsing

  • Beacon

  • TV

  • Party

  • Explosion

  • Faulty Bulb

  • Welding

  • Strobe

  • Lightning

  • S.O.S

With a sleek and compact form factor that only weighs 3.5 pounds, the CL220R makes traveling and setting up easier for photographers and videographers who are constantly on the move. Its durable aluminum-alloy build also allows for efficient heat dissipation, all while keeping it resilient to outside forces. Further reinforcing the light’s heat management is COLBOR’s Hummingbird-Intelligence Cooling System. With an operating noise level of just under 30dB, this cooling system ensures the longevity and quality of the CLR220R’s bulb.

Additionally, the CL220R comes chock-full of utility features, thanks to its NATO-based accessories, as well as Bowens-mount versatility. Its built-in NATO rail will make for easy accessorizing and rigging; stack multiple COLBOR lights and explore a fully modular ecosystem with the vast NATO accessories available on the market. An onboard LCD is also included, allowing users to see and control multiple parameters from lighting, shadow, and color effects.

You can also employ a variety of power solutions for the CL220R, since it can be powered by its included 110 to 240 VAC power supply, or 14.8V V-mount batteries using the VM3 V-mount adapter (it can be powered by just one V-mount battery; however, up to two can be used). For convenient controlling from a distance, users can also utilize the COLBOR Light App to shift between light parameters seamlessly. With the Matrix Control System, establish a Light Neural Network with the CL220R to gain control from up to 492 feet.

On top of all this, the CL220R will be undergoing continuous firmware and software maintenance to ensure that it continues to evolve and enhance the user experience. How do you think the CL220R from COLBOR can better your content creation? Let us know, below!