Hands-On Review: The Lupo Superpanel Dual Color 30 LED Panel


In a market oversaturated with LEDs competing to do a little bit of everything, I found Lupo’s Superpanel Dual Color 30 LED Panel to be a welcome return to simplicity in function and design. Whether lighting for photo or video, this bi-color LED can reliably match 3200-5600K ambient light or serve as a powerful key source on its own.

Out of the box, this light is sturdy and easy to handle. Measuring 13.4 x 12.6 x 3.9" and weighing 8.2 pounds, it can be carried for moderate distances with ease in a case or via a separately available padded bag. Its light weight is due to a carbon fiber-reinforced techno polymer shell that provides a strong core without adding bulk.

While I only had the light for a week, it felt capable of enduring the rigors of set life. Its manual control layout, on the back of the unit, is simple, with CCT and Intensity knobs on either side of an LCD panel controlled by three buttons. The LCD is fairly bright, but I prefer larger screens so that I can read numbers from across the room when needed. Navigating the menu system took a little bit of practice but quickly became second nature. One immensely thoughtful addition to the light—that I would love to see added to all studio gear—is a QR code printed on the unit that links to its user manual. Brilliant!

The Superpanel Dual Color 30 produces light between 3200 and 5600K with a CRI rating of 96 and TLCI rating of 98. Consuming only 200W of power, its 400 LEDs are capable of outputting 30,000 lux at 1 meter. I was genuinely surprised by the power of this little light; at roughly 75% power, it could simulate daylight in my living room in the middle of the night. For more subtle applications, it is dimmable from 0-100% with no color shift or flicker so you can be sure your color is consistent and you are able to record at any frame rate. Customizable Strobe, Television BW, Paparazzi, and Lightning effects come preloaded on the unit. A USB port is included for firmware updates, and DMX in and out provide remote control functionality.

Wired power is provided via an AC cord and adapter. A mounting bracket is included to hold the adapter in place, ensuring that connections are secure for reliable performance. For location work, an optional V-mount battery plate and D-Tap cable are available to convert the unit to battery power. Battery life runs about 1.7 hours between charges. Although “silent” when turned on, its fan can be turned off when absolute silence is needed. Like other Superpanels, this light is compatible with a variety of light-shaping tools, including a dedicated diffuser, barndoors, and softbox. It can be mounted on stands or other rigs via a standard ⅝" thread.

Overall, I found the Superpanel Dual Color 30 to be a versatile little light that can be shaped into a powerful key light or bounced to provide a diffused, environmental source.

Have you tried out any of Lupo’s Superpanels? Share your experiences in the Comments section, below!