Hands-On Review: Lupo Dayled 2000 PRO Dual-Color LED Fresnel


The Dayled 2000 PRO Dual-Color is one of nine freshly updated LED Fresnels from Lupo created for photographers, cinematographers, and studios looking for serious power and precise control from a continuous light. Perched at the top of the Dayled lineup in terms of strength and versatility, the new 2000 PRO Dual-Color features an expanded CCT range, wider beam angle, and handful of practical updates over its predecessor.

My first impression of any light is shaped by how long I imagine it lasting on set. Out of the box, the Dayled 2000 PRO Dual-Color is a tank. Lupo uses reinforced polymer construction to create a housing that can endure the abuses of set life while remaining intact and operating safely. At a little over 13 pounds (6 kg), this is not exactly the most portable LED; however, when considered next to comparable Fresnels, it sits on the lighter end of the spectrum. A separately available carrying case makes transport much easier and safer for its namesake lens.

Lupo’s user interface has always been straightforward to navigate, and the latest light is no exception. Menus are easy to master quickly, saving setup time. The only design head-scratcher is the continued placement of controls and a modest LED screen on the side of the unit. As a photographer accustomed to lights with easy to access and view displays, this positioning, which can easily be obscured by the yoke while in use, has never made a lot of sense to me. Onboard DMX supports remote control, providing an easy workaround for this annoyance.

The Dayled 2000 PRO Dual-Color uses COB LEDs with True Color Technology for accurate rendering, which have earned it a CRI rating of 97 and TLCI rating of 98. You can now dial-in light between 2800-6500K, compared to 3200-5600K with previous models, so you have greater range whether matching light sources or building up your own environment. Three dimming curves are available: linear, exponential, and logarithmic for adjustments from 0-100%. Flicker-free output means you don’t have to worry about this light being able to keep up with your frame rate when capturing high-speed footage.

As an LED Fresnel, this light does not consume nearly the power that its tungsten equivalent would, but it does exhaust some heat, so be aware of this when handling, as well as when selecting and using modifiers. Lupo includes detachable barndoors with the unit to get you started controlling and shaping output. Its 8" Fresnel lens can be adjusted using a knob on the back to achieve a 10-60 degree beam angle range, compared to the narrower 15-50 degree capabilities of its previous version. Customizable strobe, television, paparazzi, and lightning effects are also built in for using the light to stage dynamic environments.

Also new to the Dayled lineup is a USB port for easy firmware updates, and Powercon In and Out quick connectors, which can be used to connect several lights in a series to the mains. For location usage, power can also be supplied via separately available V-Mount batteries and D-Tap Cable. Do be aware that these lights were designed for indoor use only.

The Dayled 2000 PRO Dual-Color is accompanied by the Dayled 1000 and 650 PRO Dual-Color lights when less power is needed. The trio is also available as 3200K or 5600K balanced lights at the same power levels.

Have you used LED Fresnels? How would you apply Lupo’s latest collection of lights? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below!