Hands-On Review: Genaray Trailblazer T40-D Daylight LED Light


The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Trailblazer T40D Daylight LED Light was how compact Genaray’s newest light is. Slightly larger than a travel mug and weighing just over a pound, it is about as “everyday carry” as a stand-mountable light can be. It comes with a dedicated carrying case, but you can just as easily toss it into a backpack or camera bag to consolidate space if you are hiking or biking to your location.

A built-in diffuser lens helps transform the Trailblazer T40D’s COB LED array into a uniform source.

The Trailblazer T40D uses a 40W chip-on-board (COB) LED array with a built-in diffuser lens to create soft, uniform light. It has a Bowens S-Type mount integrated into its build, so you can further shape its output using an array of modifiers. I paired it with Angler’s 36" BoomBox Octagonal Softbox, which took less than a minute to attach and set up.

The Trailblazer T40 D’s build incorporates a Bowens S-Type mount for quickly attaching modifiers.

The Trailblazer T40D is daylight balanced to 5600K and has a CRI of 97.1 and TLCI of 99. It is capable of producing up to 8010 lux at 36" and has a 40° beam angle, making it a good choice if you are looking for an LED that can be used to add light for either video or still photography. The small form factor of the Trailblazer T40D lends itself well to tight spaces or rigs that would prove impossible for larger or heavier lights. It was refreshing to use a light that was simultaneously compact, yet solidly built.

The controls are simple: one knob to turn the light on and one to adjust the brightness from 5 to 100% in 1% increments. A bright LCD on the back of the unit displays power output and remaining battery life.

Power is provided either via a lithium-ion battery or multi-voltage AC adapter.

Power is provided by either an included NP-F970 lithium-ion battery or via a multi-voltage AC adapter. If you really plan on blazing some trails with this light, I recommend bringing a few extra batteries, especially if you intend to use it at high power for extended periods of time.

A bright LCD screen makes it easy to keep track of battery life and power settings.

Securing the Trailblazer T40D is quick and easy: a ⅝" stud is integrated into the light’s housing, and a stand adapter with an umbrella mount is also included, so you don’t have to buy additional mounting accessories. The adapter tilts 180° into locking positions and rotates 360° for quick adjustments. A padded case is included with a removable divider, webbed storage pouches, a carrying handle, and a strap.

An included carrying case fits everything you need whether working on set or location.

Genaray’s Trailblazer T40D is available by itself or as a 1-Light Kit or 2-Light Kit, which include stands, speed rings, and softboxes. Have you tried any of Genaray’s LED lights? Share your experiences in the Comments section, below!