Kristi Odom’s Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Photography Series


Introducing Kristi Odom's wildlife photography masterclass! Join Nikon Ambassador and wildlife photographer Kristi Odom in Yellowstone National Park for four tutorials on photographing wildlife. You’ll learn about camera gear, safety and ethics, composition and creativity, and editing. If you're a beginner or intermediate level photographer, you won't want to miss these tutorials!

Part 1: Kristi Odom’s Wildlife Photography Gear

What's in Odom's camera bag? She'll cover every piece of gear she packed for this Yellowstone National Park trip, such as cameras, lenses, accessories, and even clothing!

Part 2: Researching Wildlife & Staying Safe

When it comes to photographing wildlife, prior research is necessary in order to stay safe, remain ethical, and capture the best image. Odom discusses her process for conservation and ethical wildlife photography, including understanding animal behavior, finding wildlife to photograph, and maintaining proper distance. On this trip, Odom photographed wolves, buffalo, bison, and sheep with the Nikon Z9. What kind of wildlife adventure do you want to go on?

Part 3: Composition, Camera Settings & Creativity in Wildlife Photography

Join Odom in the field as she teaches you to compose striking wildlife photographs, choose your camera settings, and be creative in your wildlife photography. Using the Nikon Z9, she photographs wolves, buffalo, and more.

Part 4: Editing Wildlife Photography: Post-Processing Workflow 

In the last video of the series, Odom edits her images taken at Yellowstone National Park and shares some tips and tricks along the way.

Please note: All drone footage was taken outside Yellowstone National Park in accordance with rules and regulations.


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