Kristi Odom’s Bolivian Amazon Wildlife Photography Series


Kristi Odom’s Bolivian Amazon Wildlife

Photography Series

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Looking to hone your wildlife photography skills? Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom is back with another wildlife photography series! In her first photography series, set in Yellowstone National Park, Odom taught us the ins and outs of photographing wildlife, ethically and safely. This time, Odom takes us into the Bolivian Amazon to utilize the skills she taught us in Yellowstone and to teach us how to craft a story through photography.


Odom has a passion for wildlife conservation. She journeys to the Bolivian Amazon for a new series as she shares her techniques for telling impactful stories through photography and videography.

Storytelling for Wildlife Conservation

Photography has the power to make a change. Odom’s work is not only beautiful, but it also carries a powerful message. Join her in La Senda Verde in the Bolivian Amazon for a lesson on how storytelling can help you make impactful photos.

Macro Bee Photography

In this video, Odom photographs the native bee population of La Senda Verde, Bolivia. She explains how she utilizes photography to tell their story as she works with experts to learn the best way to photograph the bees.

Photographing Birds & Insects in the Amazon

Odom explores the Bolivian Amazon to share and photograph its gorgeous biodiversity, from the birds to the insects.

Editing Wildlife Photos

Join Odom as she shares her wildlife photo-editing workflow in Lightroom Classic, from culling several photos using Photo Mechanic to the settings she uses when exporting files.

Can’t get enough of Odom’s adventures? Be sure to check out her first webinar, the Yellowstone National Park Wildlife Photography Series.


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