International Women’s Day

Celebrating Women In Media

B&H is honored to present the inspiring stories of creative women who work in a wide range of disciplines. Scroll down to enjoy our featured content, from insightful articles and Q&A’s to weekly episodes of the B&H Photography Podcast. Hone your skills alongside social media maven Maria Perez through her Five Tips, Photography at Home, and 21 Questions series’ of short-form videos, or sit back and savor our extended lectures from the B&H Event Space, Depth of Field 2020, Game Craft 2020, Optic 2020, and Optic All Stars Conferences. Please join us in celebrating International Women’s Day on Monday, March 8, and Women’s History Month every day through March 31. Most importantly, after immersing yourself in these specially curated offerings, please share your favorites with your social networks.​ 


The B&H Photography Podcast

These extended conversations with noted female photographers and photo industry professionals are selected from our weekly podcast series, featuring a wide range of insightful and entertaining guests. From gear and technique to history, science, and art, we discuss the topics that are most important to the contemporary photographer.

The Secret Ingredient

Podcast: The Secret Ingredient in Wedding Photography, with Kesha Lambert

On today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome wedding and portrait photographer Kesha Lambert. We are excited to speak with Lambert about her approach to wedding photography on today’s show, but she is also speaking at the upcoming 4th annual Depth of Field Portrait, Wedding, and Event Photography Conference, which is a free virtual event to be held on March 7– 8, 2021. The conference is hosted by B&H Photo and sponsored by Sony, Nikon, Canon, Godox, HP/NVIDIA, and others.

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Covering COVID-19

Podcast: Covering COVID-19 - A Follow-Up Conversation with Desiree Rios and Sarah Blesener

Eight months ago, on the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcomed four photojournalists who were covering the beginning stages of the COVID-19 crisis in New York. We discussed their fears and the stories they hoped to cover; we also discussed safety precautions, limited access to subjects, and altered workflows. It was the beginning of a new reality. On today’s episode, we welcome back two of those photographers—Desiree Rios and Sarah Blesener—for a follow-up conversation on how their work has evolved since March.

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No Fear of Flying

Podcast: No Fear of Flying - Women Drone Photographers

As an industry and as a hobby, the numbers indicate that drone flying and drone photography are still primarily the domain of men, but sustaining this disparity is ridiculous and it should and will change. Our two guests today are part of bringing about that change, and they do so by being good at their craft, by spreading the joy of flying, and teaching drone operation and photography to women and girls.

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The Ninja

Podcast: The Ninja—Concert Photography, with Christie Goodwin

Today’s guest is Christie Goodwin, a premier concert and music photographer. She has been the tour photographer for the likes of Taylor Swift and Usher and has shot in venues around the world. She is also the house photographer for the famed Royal Albert Hall, in London. Her work is impeccable, and a quick glance at her website features some of the most recognized faces in contemporary music today.

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Photography Education

Podcast: Wendy Ewald- Photography Education and the Power of Collaboration

On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome a photographer who has built her life’s work around this idea of education through creative collaboration. For more than forty years, Wendy Ewald has led documentary “investigations” and collaborative projects that encourage the participants to use cameras to examine their own lives, families, and communities, and to make images of their fantasies and dreams.

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To Be or Olivia Bee

Podcast: To Be or Olivia Bee

On this episode, we welcome editorial, fashion, art, and music photographer Olivia Bee. That’s a lot of tags and she’s earned them all in a relatively short time span. Her “origin story” is well-documented in photo circles, so we won’t go into that much, but in a career now a decade old, we discuss where those early successes have brought her, what she enjoys about photography, and what she is working on now.

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Inspiration, Education and Entertainment

We developed the Explora blog with a mission to educate, entertain, and inspire fans of all types of media. For more than a decade, this content has been an integral feature of the B&H website. During this time, we have promoted the work of a wide range of female creators, from household names to emerging talents. The content below represents memorable stories featuring women published within the past year.

Better Food Photography

5 Tips for Better Food Photography with Cheat Day Eats

Jessica Hirsch, aka @Cheat Day Eats, shares five of her favorite food photography tips, such as photoshoot prep, lighting, composition, and more. Whether you run a food blog or want to up your social media game, these tips will be helpful to you! 

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Great Portraits

How to Pose Couples: 5 Tips for Great Portraits, with Kesha Lambert

Portrait and wedding photographer Kesha Lambert talks about her career progression from lawyer to Sony Artisan of Imagery and shares her five tips for posing couples in order to get beautifully candid images during a photoshoot.

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Photograph Non-Models

How to Photograph Non-Models: 5 Tips with Claudia Paul

Portrait photographer Claudia Paul shares her tips on how to shoot portraits of non-models, such as making a connection with your clients and making them feel comfortable.

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Maternity Photography

5 Maternity Photoshoot Tips with Lola Melani

Portrait photographer Lola Melani shares her five tips you need to know before your maternity photoshoot. She covers the importance of creating a shot list, keeping your gear to a minimum, directing your clients, taking inspiration while still coming up with your own photoshoot ideas, and more.

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Night Photography

5 Night Photography Tips for Magical Photos with Rachel Jones Ross

Have you ever wanted to take beautiful nightscape photos? Are you looking for night photography ideas? Landscape and astrophotographer Rachel Jones Ross not only teaches you how to take better photos at night, but how to create magical nighttime images. Her tips include scouting locations, using the PhotoPills app, changing your perspective, and more.

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B&H Creators of the Week

Extended Lectures

Through our dedicated conferences, Depth of Field (targeted to wedding, portrait, and event markets) and Optic (focused on travel, adventure, and landscape), to our ongoing series of inspirational lectures and technical sessions in the B&H Event Space, we have featured in-depth presentations by some of the most sought-after female photographers working today. The videos below include a curated selection from a vast range of extended content.

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Please don't jump on the liberal bandwagon to promote women photographers primarily because they are women, as if it's a huge achievement to be a photographer ( or any other professional) based on one's gender. It's ridiculous and unwanted.

I think a religious, conservatively run business as you are should not be promoting cheap, liberal unvalues.

I'm commenting as a (real) woman.


Just to clarify my last sentence, I'm voicing my opinion as a real woman, unfettered by feminist and immoral idioligy.

Dear Chaya B. We appreciate hearing your opinion about our coverage of International Women’s Day, and we’re sorry that you found this content to be problematic. This aggregated coverage highlighting women in media and tech is intended in the same spirit as other thematic content we’ve produced for the Explora blog—to educate, entertain, and inspire our readers. It’s as simple as that—a sincere effort to celebrate the women we’ve had the honor to feature in stories and videos on a date specifically established to honor women’s achievements, so that they may serve as a role model for others. Or, to quote from our video with groundbreaking vlogger Sara Dietschy, “If you see it, you can believe it, and you can set your course to that.”

I really and do assumed that All Women has the ability to photograph anything in which includes the one name Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz and all Women are all and everything passionate Professional Photographers. Finally, I also do assumed that the entire Women are being Blessed, and on with Photography (in Film or Digital.) Stay Blessed, Ladies!!!

Dear James M., thanks so much for writing in. Blessings to you too, and thanks for reading the Explora blog.