New Audiophile Accessories from iFi AUDIO


iFi AUDIO recently released some new accessories to help clean up your audio signals. The S/PDIF iPurifier2 has optical and gold-plated digital coaxial inputs and outputs and supports 44.1 to 192 kHz, 16- to 24-bit audio. It uses technology like AMR’s Global Master Timing (GMT)/Memory Buffer System to reduce digital signal jitter, and Reclock and Regenerate technologies to add further strength and fidelity to the signal.

iFi AUDIO S/PDIF iPurifier2

The iDefender+ is a ground loop breaker designed to reduce or eliminate noise caused by ground loops over USB by disconnecting your audio device from your computer’s ground, virtually eliminating any audible ground loop hum and lowering your system’s noise floor. It’s available in USB Type-C to USB Type-A and USB Type-C to USB Type-C varieties. These complement the USB Type-A iDefender+ that was already in the iFi AUDIO product lineup.

iFi AUDIO iDefender+ USB Type-C to Type-A Ground Loop Breaker

The iFi AUDIO iSilencer+ noise filter is designed to reduce or eliminate EMI and RFI noise in your USB line and has gold-plated USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. Active Noise Cancellation II technology is designed to lower noise by creating a signal identical to the incoming noise, but in the opposite phase, to cancel it out effectively. Like the iDefender+, it’s available in USB Type-C to USB Type-A and USB Type-C to USB Type-C configurations. Like the iDefender+, a USB Type-A version of the iSilencer+ is already available on the market.

iFi AUDIO iSilencer+ USB Type-C to Type-A Noise Filter

Last, but certainly not least, is the ZEN CAN fully balanced headphone amplifier. It features 4.4mm balanced inputs and outputs, as well as a more traditional 1/8" input and 1/4" output. It uses a discrete balanced Class-A amplifier and helps lower the noise floor to provide a cleaner audio signal. A gain selection switch and volume control are onboard to help you control your level of amplification.

iFi AUDIO ZEN CAN Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Are you an audiophile looking for one or more of these to fix your signal noise issues? Join the conversation in the Comments section, below! As always, if you need help deciding if one of these is right for you, come into the B&H SuperStore or contact us by phone at 800-606-6969, chat, or email for friendly, knowledgeable advice.